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Writing is the best form of expressing your thoughts; it extends beyond a flair for the language and grammar skills. Getting into specifics of content writing will warrant you to grasp the subject matter, express yourself in complete reference to the context while holding the attention of your reader! The core of content writing lies in skillfully presenting those facts and we help with just that, the art of delivering content effectively.
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Content Writing

Content writing and internet marketing are two sides of the same coin; in fact content marketing has begun to gain a lot of prominence today. Sustaining the interest of the reader while producing content the way that it performs on the internet and other aspects of content writing can be quite challenging. Our content writing course at AWA help you with all that you need to establish yourself as a content writer.

Attend a Content writting training session, to see the difference!

Complete Web Programming Course

Web contents, blogs, social media postings, press releases Classifieds, one liners, general articles 3 Months

Eligibility: Graduates/ Under-Graduate with fluent English and a passion to write.
  • State of the art class rooms and equipment.
  • Classes handled by professionals who have hands on experience.
  • Exposure to concepts in internet marketing/SEO/SMM.
  • Updates on Search engine trends/analytics being provided, relevant to writing content.
  • Personality development sessions held periodically.
  • Web design and developing companies
  • SEO Companies
  • Publication Houses
  • Media Associates
  • News Agencies
  • Placement opportunities with many of our associates.
  • Regular interaction with the rest of the industry so as to identify job opportunities.
  • Course completion certificate given holds goodwill in the market.
  • Participation in career related seminars from time to time.

Producing the right article begins with extensive research, read and perceive the subject and re-producing your thoughts and ideas in your unique style. Our course at AWA encompasses every detail of writing content, beginning to tricks to using search engines to tips of using the right words in your article.