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Linux Administration Certification Training

This online Linux Administration Certification training has been created to make you in to a Linux professional. It helps you to run applications, maintain security administration, and perform desired functions on your system as well as network configurations.

Why should one do this online course?


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    Many world renowned MNCs use UNIX/ Linux across industries such as IBM, NASA, Wikipedia, Google, NYSE, Twitter, etc.

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    As per Linux.com, China is aimed to move to Linux by 2020 in a process to terminate the use of Windows completely

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    A Linux Administrator gets an average salary of $90k to $105k annually

Instructor-led live online classes

6JAN Sat - Sun ( 5 Weeks ) 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM ( EST ) $400 $300 image
8 JAN Mon - Thu ( 4 Weeks ) 08:30 PM - 10:30 PM ( EST ) $400 $300 image
6JAN Sat - Sun ( 5 Weeks ) 08:30 PM - 11:30 PM ( IST ) 26144.00 rs 19608.00 rs image
9 JAN Tue - Fri ( 4 Weeks ) 07:00 AM - 09:00 AM ( IST ) 26144.00 rs 19608.00 rs image
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Course Features

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    The module features live classes that are led by expert trainers and are divided into- Weekends- 3 hour sessions | Weekdays- 2 hour sessions

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    Live project based on any of the chosen cases that involve implementation of various AWS services.

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    You must complete practical assignments, given at the end of every class, with submissions taking place in the next class. This will help you become a better developer.

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    Access for lifetime

    By enrolling in this class, you get lifetime access of all WebEx seminars and classes. Presentations and class recordings can be viewed online from WebEx without any trouble.

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    24*7 Support

    You will get round-the-clock expert support to help you with any technical queries that may arise during the course.

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    You will work on a project at the end of the module in order to get the requisite specialized certification


  • Linux admin Online Training

    Linux admin training and certification is aimed at covering all aspects of the Linux ecosystem. Right from installation to configuration, there are multiple detailed layers involved in this online certification program.

  • Training Objectives

    This online training and certification is aimed at making you a Linux Admin through experiential learning process. Our expert trainers help you to learn the following core concepts-

    • Package management
    • Process monitoring
    • Installation to user administration
    • Aspects of the Linux ecosystem
    • Server configuration as well as system management and security
    • Database configuration
    • Virtualization, STMP concepts
    • Kerberos
    • Shell scripting
    • IPv6 and kickstart installation and much more
  • Why online Linux Admin course?

    Today all major internet websites use Linux based concepts such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. A large percentage of your android mobiles as well as new age televisions i.e. smart TVs, run on Linux. Being free software it is used in all technological spaces right from televisions to laptops, automobiles to airplanes, etc. Linux arms you with the possibility of creating your own small gadgets at home, with your knowledge and skills.

  • Who should invest in a Linux Admin course certification?

    Anyone who wants to be a Linux professional can invest in this certification course and learn to master the skills.

  • Pre-requisites for the online Linux classes:

    Familiarity with the IT industry is the only prerequisite for the Linux certification course.


  • System requirements for this online Linux Certification Course

    You need-

    You need a Linux / Cent OS, if not; through Virtual Machine we will help you install this Minimum 3GB RAM

  • Certification Practicals:

    Installation manual is provided and installation as well as configuration is covered comprehensively under the curriculum.

  • Linux Administration Training Case Studies:

    Through the course of the training and at the end, you will be exposed to multiple case studies to help you become completely adept as a Linux Admin. You will be involved with the following case project at the end of the program-

    Title: Linux Admin

    Explanation: Through this course you will learn to work on the different aspects of Linux Admin i.e. setting permissions, data backup, creating a group or user, and restricted access to users, moving/ copying files, securing systems as well as managing services and processes. You will also learn to take security measure to protect the system, partitioning, different server configurations, etc.

    Learn Linux online and complete your Linux administration course to gain an edge in the IT industry.


  • Introduction to UNIX & LINUX

    • History of UNIX and LINUX
    • Basic concepts of Operating System, Kernel, Shell & File System structure
    • Advanced Linux Commands
    • Differences between CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora
    • Basic commands of Linux
    • Basic concepts of Linux
  • Installation of Linux

    • Interactive Installation
    • Network Based Installation
  • Introduction to Graphical Environment

    • Use and customize the GNOME interface
    • Perform command tasks using the GNOME GUI
    • Launch applications from command line & GNOME interface
    • Customize X Window System
  • Software Package Administration

    • Installing and deleting software packages
    • Querying and updating software packages
    • User and Group Administration

    • Creating and deleting users from the systems
    • Modifying users profile
    • Creating and deleting groups
    • Important system files related to user administration
    • Advanced File Permissions

    • Assigning advanced files permissions i.e. chmod, chown, chgrp & Sticky bit
    • Creating, modifying and deleting ACL’s Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System
    • Using fdisk, disk druid utilities for disk partitioning
    • Using mkfs, commands to create file systems
    • Mounting various file systems
    • Auto mounting of file system Disk Quotas
    • Enabling Quotas on partitions
    • Creating Quotas for users
    • Auditing Quotas limit
  • Backup and Recovery

    • Introduction to various types of backup media
    • Backup and restoring using tar and cpio commands
    • NFS

    • Configuring NFS server
    • Mounting NFS exports on NFS clients Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
    • Configuring Linux as DHCP Server  Configuring various clients for DHCP Server (Windows & Linux)
  • DNS Server

    • Configuration of DNS server
    • Configuration of primary DNS server
    • Configuration of forward lookup zone
    • Configuration of reverse lookup zone
    • Testing tool of DNS zones
    • Adding services in DNS Mail Server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
    • Basics of Mail Servers
    • Configuring SMTP service using Postfix
    • Configuring POP3 / IMAP service on Linux Web Server (Apache)
    • Basics of Web Service
    • Introduction to Apache
    • Configuring Apache for main site
    • Configuring Apache for multiple sites using IP-based, portbased and name-based virtual hosting
  • FTP Server (vsftp daemon)

    • Basics of File Transfer Protocol
    • Configuring vsftpd for anonymous ftp service
  • RAID (Redundant Array of InExpensive Disks) & Logical Volume Manager

    • Implementing RAID on Linux
    • RAID levels (0, 1 and 5) configuration using RAID tools
    • Resizing the Partition using LVM
  • Web based Administration

    • Installing Webmin on Linux
    • Administrating Linux machine remotely
    • Using Webmin as a tool for configuring various services on Linux


  • What If I miss a class?

    With great options to choose from, you now never have to miss a class. You can easily opt-

    • To view the recorded session of the class available
    • Attend the missed class in any other on-going live batch
  • Will I Get Placement Assistance?

    As part of our commitment, we guarantee you the best training course program under the guidance of some of the most distinguished instructors. We will be there to guide you through your projects and in your hunt for a good job by training you in interviews, however, please understand we are not into job placements and cannot assist you directly with your search in this department. We surely help you in building a great resume as well as share the important questions that may be asked during an interview, post training.

  • Can I attend a demo session before enrolling for the course?

    You have the option of going through a sample class recording to get an insight into the course as well as the quality of instructors. We have a limited number of seats to maintain the standard of quality of the class; hence, participating in a live class without enrolment is not possible.

  • What is the quality of the training instructors?

    All instructors are subject matter experts and have been practicing in the IT industry for nearly 10 to 12 years. They are additionally trained by us to ensure the quality of standard and give you a wholesome learning experience.

  • Where do I contact for further queries?

    You can call us at



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