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professional coaching instituteIt was a special occasion for us as we got a chance to work outside our office. Sitting all the day inside the glass cages, looking at the LEDS screen is not a reason to enjoy. That could be the reason for almost everybody showing their willingness to go for the counseling program which our company has planned at Vishwa Bharathi College of Engineering at Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

It was a two days program organized as a part of their college youth festival. There were many activities and cultural programs related to the celebration and the college authorities have arranged one of the stalls for us to conduct our program.

Ace Dezines, world’s leading service provider in web technologies has come up with Ace Web Academy which is successfully providing training to many people in different areas related to websites and web technology. Our intention was to introduce the treasure of opportunities in the field of web technologies and to create awareness about the professional coaching provided at Ace Web Academy.

Our team reached there in time. We were well equipped to address any queries from the students. The presentation about AWA has attracted the students. It was just like the first impression making the rest easier. Impressed with the presentation a good number of students approached us to take details about various courses.

When we were busy talking with the students, the music and the nonstop whistling came out of the auditorium reminded us about our college days. It is not sure whether it is the work out door or the nostalgic memories of college days that made us happy. We enjoyed both.