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Best Free HTML&CSS Online Tutorials for Students

Best Free HTML&CSS Online Tutorials for Students
Mar 19, 2022


As we all knew, learning is continuous process in everyone life though you are student, professional and any other. But if you have focus on career or skill oriented learning in student age, it is fact that you can reach heights in any specific field. Finding right resources to learning is a key in today’s competitive world.


Are you interested in programming and want to become master in, as Bill Gates??? Even the beginners and the students can now aspire to reach great heights in programming ability. There is no need to invest in lot of amount to learn the programming abilities, rather go through some of the best free HTML&CSS online Tutorials. Here are some interesting websites where you can master the programming language skills easily.

1. Codecademy: Do you want to develop an interactive website and deploy like a pro. Yes you can do that now by yourself if you have interest. CodeAcademy website gives you the material along with video guidance.

CodeAcademy best online HTML tutorial


It offers you to learn java, HTML and CSS, SQL and even many more languages which are currently used these days. Solving the quiz question in CodeacAdemy makes you to enhance your knowledge & kick start your first day at office and the students can even get prepared for interview.

2. Code Avengers: Generally students will be little bit scared to programming. But the fresher’s who start learning their programming with this website can have a splendid journey in their work as the courses are provided with great attention, essential concepts for beginners and even by the experts. The students can learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.



3. Udacity: One of the best online tutorials which offers you complete video lectures and creates feeling like interacting with professional trainer.



It is really interesting for the students and the fresher’s to learn the topics and clear their doubts from the experts. All video lessons will be explained with real time scenarios, hence you fine tune skills as per the industry standards. You can even participate in quizzes and gain more subjects in less time.

4. Code School: If you want to get in-depth knowledge in Ruby, java script and as well HTML/CSS and iOS. Then this is the awesome website which most of the students are using as they learn the basics.



You will be clearing even the tough interviews as you get the knowledge which is implemented in the industries practices.

5. Khan Academy: When you wanted to know about the programming pattern, in general then you can get that in Khan Academy. It offers many interesting drawings, animations which we can do with coding.

Khan_Academy best tutorials for freshers


All the concepts explained in this academy help you to get expertise not only in programming but also in creative skills. The programming pattern which you learn here will be helpful for you everywhere. 

6. W3C: It is needless to give introduction about this website because all the students will know about this. Here you can learn many languages right from the scratch and also there are a lot of aspects which are of great help for you. All the coding techniques are described here clearly for all the languages.


7. HTML5 Tutorial:
 An absolutely good platform for learning HTML5, where you can get basics to advanced knowledge in latest HML5.

Best guide for HTML5 beginners


There are detailed tutorials and even the fresher can learn the aspects clearly. It is after reading the whole stuff even the student will get complete grip on the language. The professionals have scheduled the material and so it is intensely useful.

8. HTMLDog: Though we have multiple sources to learn HTML, HTMLDog is quite differ from them with its basic explanation about HTML, detailed tags with references and techniques.

8. HTML_Dog

The best suggestible resources for students to learn fundamentals of HTML, because the coding and the tricks mentioned by the professionals in HTMLDog are helpful to learn the languages properly.

9. Mozilla Developers Guide:  In addition to HTML and web technology there are many aspects which are helpful for you like the web technology and web developer guides.


There is complete description about the elements, tags and attributes of the HTML and how to tutorials for the web developers. So have a look at the website and gain more insights about HTML and web technology.

10. W3Resource: This is the most reputed website for learning the java script and as well HTML. You can learn a lot of validation techniques that are useful for every project.


As you learn things from here for sure your confidence will increase and this helps the students to clear their technical interviews and the fresher’s to learn on how to do their work with less guidance.

A brief Comparison Chart:

Comparison chart


As per the research and experience we listed the above sites which will more useful for beginners and professionals and they are followed by thousands of students and fresher’s. Moreover everyone even after getting the job, they are going through these materials just to complete the tasks given to them easily.  So it’s your turn to choose the websites which are completely free to learn. Very soon you can even become an expert in programming when your basics are strong as you learn from here.

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Mar 19, 2022
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