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How Google Certified Digital Marketing Course Help You?

How Google Certified Digital Marketing Course Help You?
Mar 19, 2022

There is absolutely no denying the fact that the world today is shifting rapidly from being analog to totally digital. People are welcoming a lot of digital content regularly on the laptops, mobile phones, desktops, etc.

The following article gives you more information on How Google Certifications in AdWords, Analytics, and Partners help job seekers and business owners.

How Google Certified Digital Marketing Course Help You?

The significance of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is not just a fast-growing force currently but it’s also crucial for the future of all techniques of marketing.

While the older generations would definitely lament on the demise of the solid newspapers, books, methods of communication and the traditional television and radio broadcasts, the generation of today is already welcoming the new world of the digitalized consumption.

It is a fact that the digital techniques of communication as well as marketing, are much faster, versatile, streamlined as well as practical. Thus, it’s quite unsurprising that as soon as the technology becomes available, we start moving towards the digital age quickly. Fortunately, digital provides as much capability to the marketers as are the consumers offered.

Digital marketing is much more affordable as compared to the traditional methods of offline marketing. A mail or even a social media campaign, for instance, can easily transmit the marketing messages to the consumers for a merest fraction of a cost of the television advertisement or print campaign and reach a much wider audience potentially.

In place of conducting the costly customer research, you may easily and quickly view the response rates of the customers and also measure the success of the marketing campaign in real-time.

The best example of incorporating the digital element into marketing is that the digital media techniques are easily overtaking the traditional methods of consumption of information.

                       “Become Successful Digital Marketing In A Week

Importance of digital marketing certification:

Digital Marketing has gained a lot of popularity becoming a significant element of a business for growing as well as flourishing in today’s times. A lot of firms are now recognizing as well as realizing the potential of this field.

The continuous evolution of the Digital marketing field as well as, an active embracement of the companies is developing new jobs and career opportunities for the students.

How can Google Certifications Help?

When an organization employs freshers, they first check if the incumbent has undergone all the important certifications or not. Generally, the students, who’ve got multiple skills mentioned in their resume, but aren’t certified are often dropped from being considered.

The basic reason behind this is that certification in Digital marketing helps them in developing the required skills and also in giving them the right to join a company.

Many digital marketing training institutes offer training certification on behalf of their academy; in addition to its few other certifications a digital marketer needs to make difference in the CV and add extra value.

Google is offering certifications for AdWords (Fundamental to Advanced level), Google Analytics and Google Partners certifications.

Google certification exams

Google certification exams guidelines


Looking for the Google AdWords Training & Certification, then below-listed institutes will guide and train you.


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Top Digital Marketing Course Training Institutes in India

Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya offers a complete digital marketing course which includes a 6 months instructor LED online course. It covers:

>> Email marketing– which teaches how to efficiently build the user’s lists, delivery emails and generate the most relevant clicks

>> SMM(social media marketing)– teaches ways of building a brand, generating leads and aggregating audience on social media

>> Inbound marketing– teaches the ways of attracting and converting the customers by developing trust amongst them

>> SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – teaches the techniques of efficiently running advertisements on the search engines

>> SEO(Search Engine Optimization) – teaches ways of getting the website listed amongst the top results of search engine

>> Web analytics – teaches the ways of making business decisions from metrics which are available in the digital media

Delhi School of Internet Marketing:

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is the 1st premium digital marketing institute in India. It offers an advanced Digital Marketing course for the working professionals, job seekers, business owners, etc. covering approximately 17 modules of Digital Marketing with the help of which you learn with the help of the industry leaders.

They teach you the ways of online marketing, bringing targeted traffic towards your website and generating potential leads and increasing brand awareness with the help of different online platforms such as social media, search engines, email marketing, etc.

AIMA (All India Management Association):

AIMA offers a lot of activities as well as initiatives. It was developed as the apex body of management with the active support of the Indian Government. It is a non-lobbying organization which works closely with the industry, academia, Government as well as students.

AIMA offers a host of long term and short term courses. It offers a Postgraduate diploma management degree, advanced certificate in management course, Professional certificate in digital marketing and analytics and a skill development program.


EduPristine gives the right exposure to the online world. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The employees here are trained in digital marketing for improving the ROI.

It offers international certificate programs in Accounting, Finance as well as Analytics. It also offers a number of classroom courses.

Manipal ProLearn:

Manipal ProLearn is a part of the Manipal Global Education Services which offers a wide range of certificate courses on Digital Marketing, Project Management, Technology, Finance, etc.

The online certificate program they offer spans 30 hours covering different aspects of online marketing like Analytics, ORM, SEM, and SEO.

Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes In Hyderabad

“It is not because of they are accepting as I mentioned them in my post but I could decide to write about them after a long research data collection”

Ace Web Academy:

Ace Web Academy has a highly talented team of qualified professional people who are constantly involved in real-time projects and career-oriented training programs.

It offers the best training, career counseling services along with placements in various sectors. They totally understand the changing technologies and thus structure their courses & training according to them.

They offer various courses on Web Designing, Web Programming, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, and Content Writing.

Their training courses ensure that their students become firm, knowledgeable as well as skilled for the company’s needs.

Web Trainings Academy:

Web Trainings Academy is one of the most trusted Digital Marketing institutes of Hyderabad. It was established when Digital Marketing as well as, internet technology were at an early stage in India.

They offer: Digital marketing courses, Certified SEO courses, Google AdWords certification course, Social media marketing courses, Online money making course, Responsive web designing course

They provide skill-based programs which are designed for students, professional as well as entrepreneurs.

Digital Deepak:

Digital Deepak is the brainchild of Deepak Kanakaraju who is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Bangalore. He offers digital marketing services to his clients which helps them in promoting their brand as well as services.

Digital Nest:

Digital Nest is a training institute located in Hyderabad, India. It helps the candidates in edifying on the methodologies of digital marketing. It specializes in classroom training as well as online training. It also provides an advanced digital marketing coaching through certifications which cater to corporates, individuals as well as educational institutions.

They offer advanced digital marketing training programs, SEO programs, and Social media marketing programs, Google AdWords certification, online digital marketing training programs, and Digital Marketing training for corporates programs. Their courses are designed as well as updated according to the latest standards of the digital marketing field.

Other references for CDM

Summary & conclusion:

Thus digital marketing is quite beneficial for any business. It helps in promoting a business in the best way possible. It offers techniques and solutions which are useful and easy to adopt. And the main thing is that the digital age is finally here and the businesses need to adopt.

Upcoming young professionals need to get certified in the specified digital marketing modules to add value for CV and place in dream companies.

About the Author:
I am Rithu Raj – writing is my hobby, I do marketing research for various sectors. I frequently write on web designing, PHP, WordPress, and digital marketing.  Follow me on Facebook.

Mar 19, 2022
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