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How to make your email template more effective?

How to make your email template more effective?
Mar 17, 2022

10 Email template designing tips:

Email marketing has already proven its efficiency and the concept of email marketing have evolved a lot over a period of two decades. In its primitive stage, it was sending letters to each and every known person. Long letters used to get typed on the mail body and send to the known ids. Most of them went unnoticed. However, the marketing experts did not get hurt with the poor performance of email marketing initially. Continuous researches were carried out in this area and several positive changes have been introduced. As a result e mail marketing has emerged as one of the most important stream of marketing and it is found to be effective as the conventional methods.

E-mail templates are playing crucial role in making an email campaign effective. Here are a few tips to design and develop attractive and effective email template so that your message will be read by more number of people.


 1. Design should be simple and attractive with logo and brand name if any at a prominent place which will attract attention of the visitors.


2. The contents should be informative and at the same time it should be brief too. Most of the people will not have enough time to go through lengthy letters and as a result they may neglect the same.

3. It is advisable to include important points with bullets so that it can be read and understood easily and fast.

4. Of course the images will speak louder than texts, but inclusion of more images may make the loading slow which will tempt the visitor to neglect it.

5. While designing, you should make it sure that it is compatible with any browsers. We cannot insist customers to use a particular browser to read our email letters.

6. Responsive email templates are the latest trend and it pays off more than the conventional ones as more and more browsers are using tiny mobile devices to browse.

7. Avoid giving more links as it may create a lot of confusion. Let the visitor come to your website first and from there he or she can go to the concerned site.

8. Try to use lighter shades of colors in the background.

9. Don’t include more products or brands in a single email template. Stick to one or two products and try to provide as much details in a few words.

10. Clearly mention about any certifications or approvals your products carry from any competent authorities or agencies. Mention it prominently to catch the immediate attention.


Mar 17, 2022
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