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How to Start Career as Android App Developer?

How to Start Career as Android App Developer?
Mar 19, 2022

What’s the one thing in recent times that has made it easy for companies to reach out to their customers, engage and interact with them and enhance their experience-Mobile apps! Yes, today every business, big or small is depending on mobile apps to increase its sales like never before. Companies are fast realizing that in order to stay competitive they need to have a presence on mobile. They need to make their products available on apps if they aim for a larger revenue growth. Because of this rising trend, app development skills have become the most in demand skills in the job market. By the year 2024, there will be more than 1 lakh new positions for App developers. All one needs is some sound technical skills in one of the platforms-Android, iOS or Windows and one can gain a strong foothold in this coolest job industry.

How to Become an Android Developer?

Out of all the smartphone operating systems, Android is the most popular OS that is used in most smartphones globally. As Android devices account for 50% of the global smartphone market, Android OS has become the market leader now. Hence Android app development has become one of the most promising career paths for people in the software development industry. The demand for Android app developers is rising exponentially.

So let’s understand how to become an android app developer and make the most of this opportunity. There are some basic programming and design skills that one should possess in order to build android applications effectively. Knowledge in the following few skills together with an innovative approach will help you kick-start your Android App Developer Career in no time.

Android App Developer Skills List:

  1. JAVA Java programming language is the basic building block of Android development; hence this is one skill that an Android app developer must possess. One should be comfortable with both the basic programming structure including loops, lists and control structures as well as complex Java concepts. A strong command over this object-oriented language will help the developer write application code in a structured way.
  2. SQLKnowledge of SQL is also a must since Android app developers need to work with the SQLite database. They must know how to write queries to retrieve data from the database and perform other common database management tasks.
  3. Android software development kit (SDK) and Android Studio An Android app developer needs to be comfortable with Android Studio and SDK. Both are free to download from the web. Android Studio is the officially integrated development environment(IDE) where developers make the application by writing the code. Android SDK is nothing but pre-packaged modules of Java code that give the developer access to various device functions like camera and accelerometer. SDK also comprises of templates, tools, and libraries that make it easy to build the application. The developer should know how to use the various pieces of SDKs and plug them in while building the app. He must also know how to work with APIs and integrate external services like GoogleMaps, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  4. XML– The developer must also refresh his skills on the basics of XML. It is a structured markup language that provides a platform for encoding data for internet based applications. It is used to design layouts that serve as the foundation of UI definition for Android apps.

Along with the above technical skills to become an app developer, one also requires a creative bent of mind, an innovative approach, and some basic business sense to develop applications that can help a business achieve its goals.

To start your journey, first download the free Android SDK and Android Studio available online. It will give you a complete development environment that you need to build your Android apps. A good place to begin is Google’s official Android developer site that has complete reference information about the subject. Online tutorials and videos are also a good way to keep yourself updated with the latest features and developments in the field. Google’s Android Developer portal has many Android Training Tutorials and blogs that guide you through a step by step approach.

But there is a limit to the level of learning that you can attain using free resources. If you are serious about a career in Android app development you need to have a strong grasp on the fundamental and advanced skills of programming. For this one can take up formal Android App Training classes. Start with learning the core concepts of Java.  Get yourself familiar with the Android APIs and other tools that will be needed to create complex apps. The training classes will give you an opportunity to create a portfolio of apps to showcase your skills to prospective employers.

You can also opt for online courses available for every skill level to attain mastery over the required concepts.From the basics of Android studio, user interfaces, layouts, APIs to advanced concepts like wireless connectivity, syncing to cloud etc. you will acquire the full experience needed to create a  professional app and publish it on Playstore.

Ace Web Academy provides a simple guide that will help beginners get started. Follow the guide:  How To Build Android App 

As the demand for mobile apps continues to sore there is no better time than now to launch your career in Android app development. Various Android Training online resources are available that will help you learn app development. Acquire the technical skills like Java, XML, and SQL. Get yourself familiar with Android SDK and Android Studio. Follow the Android App development guide given above and get yourself started. There are immense opportunities in this field, waiting for you with open arms.

Mar 19, 2022
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