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Informative content for quality traffic to your business website

Informative content for quality traffic to your business website
Mar 19, 2022


Content is an important element of a website. It is effective to lure and, hold visitors to your site. Have a fore thought about your target audience and provide information that is useful, relevant and interesting. Your content will create a direct impact on web traffic. Hence it must be optimized with relevant keywords to impress the search engines for top rankings. High quality content should be able to-

*   Attract the visitor’s attention
*   Give the details of the brand you are promoting.
*   Help the website rank higher in search engine results.
*   Virtually compel them to perform pre-defined actions on web pages.

There are various aspects involved in effective writing. The information you write should be relevant, informative, interesting and without any spelling / grammatical errors.

When content is such vital and a driving force for any website, it is very imperative to know the basics of a well structured writing.

Planning: Before writing gather ideas on your topic, try to link the ideas, focus on various aspects of the subject, and sequence the focal points.

Outline: Once you’ve done with planning, start on an outline draft, as it provides a snapshot of each section of the article, the topic flow and it efficiently constructs an ordered overview of your article.

Writing: Writing content for the internet is not the same as writing it for a publication. Your writing should be audience specific, informative, interesting, useful and attractive.  A web visitor is hunting for information, and mostly they give a glance at websites and click on the link that catches their interest; therefore the titles that you present should be catchy as well as self explanatory.

When writing for the Web

seo content writing>   Write clear and effective, preferably in a conversation style easily readable by everyone.

>   Write short paragraphs and do away with unnecessary words. Avoid repeating what you want to say rather use different paragraphs for different ideas.

>   Create headlines that stand out and attract viewership. A heading sustains your reader’s interest.

>   Use Care words – the words people are looking for, in other the words that very familiar because people use care words, words the reader is familiar with and which makes searching easier

Never treat your visitor as regular academics who love reading quantitative & complicated texts rather consider them as information seekers. Don’t overload the reader with information; organize the contents in such a way the reader should be intuited to read through completely.  Place the important information first followed by other ideas you would like give and don’t forget to write conclusions.

The great wave of website dominance is fuelling the need for business to establish and sustain their online presence; and strong and effective content is one of the driving factors for web traffic. It is not enough just have creative ideas, knowing how to reach your target audience with your writing is what it matters!


Mar 19, 2022
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