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As the world of websites develops, several opportunities are also being coming up in this sector. According to a recent survey, about 40,000 new websites are being hosted everyday all over the world and this will certainly increase in the future as more and more facilities are being made available in the websites and more and more new organizations are coming out with websites. This trend ensures a promising future for web designers and developers. Acting positively to the trend, many institutes have come up offering courses in different aspects of web designing and web development. Learning CMS implementation is a part of web development and it plays the most important part in the developing of a website.

Usually, all web developers use any of the free content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress, Modx and Drupal. In this course you are learning how to convert a design in PSD to Joomla or any other CMS. In this process, you will have to learn how to convert PSD to HTML/CSS. AS the latest versions are being used nowadays, professional institutes will train you in PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion also. Once the HTML format is ready the next step will be the conversion to the preferred CMS.

Here in this course, you will be taught about all the CMSs in depth. You should know the features available and you should get training in customizing each CMS, creating modules etc. At an advanced level you will be trained in designing templates too.CMS Implementation

Although all the institutes may follow the same syllabus in this course, the difference lies in their quality of teaching. When industry professionals are teaching the subject, there is every chance to go out of the syllabus to introduce many real life challenges they have faced in their professional life. The same advantage will be there if the institute offers practical sessions on live project. When tailor made dummy projects will make you familiarized with limited challenges, a live one will certainly take you more deep into the subject.

Moreover, the working web developers will be always updated in their subjects and thus can help the students with the latest information about the technology. Access to different styles and trends in web designing and development prevailing at different regions will certainly help them to teach the subject more efficiently and comprehensively than professional teachers who have only the theoretical knowledge about the subject.