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Learn Joomla – it offers a host of advantages to any website

Learn Joomla – it offers a host of advantages to any website
Mar 17, 2022

The core of a website is its content; over and above the superficial aspect or the appearance of it. Content provided in the website needs to be constantly edited/managed and wherever required you may need to include fresh content as well. A Content Management System (CMS) is basically a web-based program or application that allows you just about perform all this on your website. While performing the key role of managing content in the website, the highlight of deploying a CMS on your website is that it does not demand any specific expertise or skill set for deployment; just some basic word processing skills would just be about all.

advantages to any website


Why Joomla? What does it offer for your website?

Joomla is a universal free open-source content management system with the highlight being the fact that it can be changed and suited to adapt to any business requirement. Joomla s basic layout can further be altered or enhanced by means of including more templates which can be chosen among thousands of free templates that are available online or by payment of a nominal fee for a professionally customizable design. Read on for overall benefits offered by Joomla-

•          Joomla assured complete cross browser compatibility which works on the popularity of your website instantly.

•          Joomla provides the scope for creation of various innovative web applications for your website.

•          SEO semantic codes provided by Joomla plays a positive influence on the rankings of your website in terms of search engines results displayed.

•          Joomla can be easily deployed across Windows /Linux environment; the Joomla site can be functional in full with no time at all without any compromise on display of content to visitors to the site.

•          Joomla has been around for more than six years, since it branched out from the initial Mambo project. It has grown steadily over time and evolved into a stable and advanced CMS.

•          Joomla is designed to ease the process of content management even for the ones without technical expertise with plenty of support being made available for novices

Learning a PHP based content management system will require a basic introduction to concept of PHP and web programming, enrolling in a well equipped training institute will be the first step in this direction. Now there are a variety of online sites providing detailed courses in Joomla, covering basics to advanced levels of the application; this mode of learning Joomla still comes with certain setbacks. Training institutes today come replete with infrastructure, experienced faculty and possibly will be in a position to provide insight into live projects as well all of this is certainly not available while you learn Joomla online. Begin a basic research, shortlist options and make a wise decision of choosing the right training institute to learn Joomla. You begin developing expertise in the subject only when you make the right start!


Mar 17, 2022
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