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Role of Digital Marketing in Film Industry

Role of Digital Marketing in Film Industry
Mar 19, 2022

Importance of digital marketing in the film industry

The Film industry is constantly on a lookout of new and advanced marketing techniques to promote a movie and target a mass audience.

Today film promotions have gone beyond releasing the teasers and trailers for the movie in the theatres.

The marketing team spends enormous efforts to formulate well-structured film marketing strategies so that they can get the audience queuing up to buy the tickets.

Digital marketing in the film industry is becoming an effective way to get the audience involved and develop a strong personal relationship with them.

Digital marketing scope encompasses live streaming of music launches, Google hangout with the crew, social media contests, movie based games, digital advertisements on Youtube and a lot more.

This shift to the digital medium that is being used to promote the upcoming release of the movie is a new and effective way of engaging with the audience and establishing a stronger connection with them.

The best advantage of using this medium is that the effectiveness of the strategy can be easily measured using performance-related metrics.

This helps digital marketing experts to make insightful decisions for future strategies so that they can reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Why YouTube is the biggest platform for Movie Promotions

After the movie is made, the producer of the film looks at how to promote the movie so that it does well at the box office.

YouTube is the best social media platform that reaches out to millions of audience who watch videos daily. A YouTube campaign is a cost-effective way of promoting the movie to a targeted set of audience.

The trailer that narrates the storyline or the behind the scenes highlights can be shared on YouTube to grab the attention of the viewers.

This video promotion helps in catching the attention of the audience and creates a hype around the movie. Today many movies are being promoted on YouTube before their release.

The visual effects, music and the effective voice that narrates the storyline traps the audience while watching the promos.

The press conference videos where the actors share their experiences while making the movie, video games where the players experience the characters in the movie, faults in the movie are other ways one can hold the attention of its audience.

Sharing such content on YouTube has become an important tool for getting exposure for the new release.

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How the Social Media is increasing Film making ROI

A trailer of the upcoming movie in the theatres is just not enough to make a mark at the box office. With the new digital platforms, production houses have taken Film promotions to a whole new level.

They no longer use the conventional means of reaching out to their fans. Movie promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Marketing have become the in thing.

Social Media helps in engaging the audience in the movie and creates excitement around it before it releases.

The film Baahubali is a perfect example to show how the potential of social media and digital marketing space can be used to earn popularity.

Innovative Facebook Campaigns like the Baahubali Profile Picture Frame’ contest, ‘Baahubali Comics’ and Baahubali-themed animated stickers inside FB Messenger app generated a lot of buzz.

A fan base of 4.21 million on the official Facebook page speaks volumes about the impact these campaigns created.

The question “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?” became a topic of household conversation. It flooded social media with memes and fan theories.

‘Making-of’ and ‘Behind-the-scene’ videos on the official YouTube channel kept the audience captivated. Followers on Instagram and Twitter show the magnitude of craze that developed before the movie got released.

The result was that the movie topped the Google “Trending Movies’ list in the year 2015. It broke major box office records and became the first ever Indian movie to cross over Rs. 1000 crores in 10 days.

How Celebrities take part in Movie Campaign on Facebook & Twitter

The work of Movie promotion on Facebook is not just limited to digital marketers. Even celebrities who are a part of the movie use the social media platform to connect with their audience.

The viewers of today want to know everything related to the movie actors and the making of the movie. Facebook and Twitter help the actors to get close to their fans.

The fans follow the Celebrities Facebook profiles even during the days the movie is being made.

Engaging the audience during the making of the movie, disclosing information relating to shooting locations, looks and outfits is a good way to capture their interest.

Celebrities’ twitter profiles also go a long way in generating interest and curiosity about the movie.

By engaging the audience during the making of the film, letting them experience the story, asking questions, fun activities, or by sharing one’s own feeling about the movie’ the celebrities can help in Movie promotion on twitter.

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Career Opportunities for Digital Marketers in the Film Industry

Digital marketing jobs have touched almost every type of industry and film industry is no exception. The production houses are increasing their spendings on digital media channels to promote their upcoming film.

So if you are a digital marketer trying to make a career in the film industry you have several opportunities ahead of you.

Since the movie promotion starts only a couple of weeks before the release date the intent of the marketer is to create maximum impact within a short duration. Social media marketers can help in achieving this goal.

The Digital marketers in Film Industry use Facebook, YouTube and other sharing platforms to upload and share movie trailers and other related content.

The audience is interested in Memes, Mashup videos and Parody videos relating to the new releases. Hence the video maker career in films is expanding its boundaries.

So if you are seeking a Digital marketer career in Film Industry you have bright prospects ahead.

How Digital Marketing Training Help to Get Job In Film Industry?

The investment in making films is so high that the marketers have a big responsibility for promoting the movie in the right way so that it does well at the box office.

So the production houses employ only the best of the best digital marketers who have had formal training and experience in this field.

If you are serious about getting a digital marketing job in the film industry, then a formal Digital marketing training is a must.

Social Media Marketing courses, Video Marketing training and YouTube marketing training will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the work involved.

Ace Web Academy is a premier digital marketing training institute that churns out the best digital marketers.

Live projects, case studies, and classroom training will help you understand the vast scope of digital marketing and make you job-ready. Gain practical insights and hands-on experience and boost your salary package.

Be a part of the growing film industry, enrol now and add some of the most in-demand skills to your CV.

Get an edge over others and rise and shine in your field. Learn how to use your knowledge to create and run full-fledged campaigns for film promotions.

Learn how to devise a strategy and use video marketing, social media marketing, and YouTube marketing to create an everlasting impact on the audience.

Mar 19, 2022
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