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Top 10 Toughest Android Interview Questions and Answers Guide 2022

Top 10 Toughest Android Interview Questions and Answers Guide 2022
Mar 19, 2022

There is a huge demand for Android Application developers in the technological environment, and presently it is one of the highly paid jobs. Therefore, many techs–savvy people are trying to make their career into this. 

There are many tricky questions to be asked in an interview in many MNCs and some scale companies. This article will collect many Android questions and answers that are helpful to millions of job seekers. 

However, there is no surety of success that you can improve your odds by brushing up a few of the commonly asked questions in an interview. But through this article, you get valuable insight into interview questions that are asked to all levels, from beginners to advanced levels. Knowing this popular question can enhance you and make a better impression. 

If you are applying for the Android developer position and looking to enhance your skills with a bit of boost, you should familiarize yourself with ten questions.

  1. How would you define Android?

Android is a mobile operating system developed and managed by Google, and it is used on touchscreen devices like mobile phones and tablets. It enables the user to access the mobile applications, an open-source operating system. It means anyone can change the source code to create anything they wish for. 

For doing this, the developers click into the functions offered through Linux Kernel-based software that makes up Android to develop multiple applications.

2.  What is XML?

 XML stands for the extensible markup language, and it is a type of language. This is the leading purpose of defining the rules developers should follow while encoding the documents. On XML, the documents can be read both by humans and machines. 

3. What is Android SDK?

Creating new software, the developer requires some tools, and this requirement is fulfilled with the help of Android SDK. It is a set of tools used for developing and writing apps. However, it is a graphical user interface that copies the Android environment. This copy performs the same as an actual mobile device that enables the user to write the codes and test the same code to check for any error. 

4. What is the difference between mobile application testing and mobile testing? 

Mobile application testing enables people to test an application on a device that focuses on the function and features of the app. 

While mobile testing is the testing of an existing app, it focuses on mobile features like contacts, call, media player, inbuilt browsers and SMS, etc.

5.  What is Android Application architecture?

 The android architecture includes:

  • Android framework
  • Libraries
  • Android applications
  • Linux Kernel

6.  Define the Android interface definition language?

Android interface definition language or AIDL enables the communication between the client and service. The information is divided into small parts that are easily recognized by the Android portals to facilitate communication between processes.

7. What is ”Adb”?

Adb stands for android debug bridge, and it is a command-line tool that allows communication with the device. With the help of this tool, one can install and debug applications. It also enables the developer to access a host of additional commands through the UNIX shell. 

8.  What are the core components of Android?

The core components of the Android operating system are:

  • Content provider
  • Activity
  • Intents
  • Fragment
  • Services

9.  Define Android Toast?

Toast is defined as pop – an up box that gives feedback regarding an operation that the user initiated and informs the user about the current situation of said operation. 

10.  Which elements can occur at one and must be present?

Besides all the different elements, the “and” elements must be present, occurring only once. The remaining is optional, and it can happen many times.


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Mar 19, 2022
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