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Truly PHP is a better language for web programming

Truly PHP is a better language for web programming
Mar 19, 2022

Is PHP the Best Script Language for Web Programming – Reasons and Uses


PHP is the most popular and HTML embedded scripting language allows developing dynamic web applications quickly. PHP called as, Personal Home Page or Hypertext PreProcessor, used as an alternative of ASP – Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology. PHP is an open source server language mostly used in the conjunction with MYSQL database on the UNIX/Linux web servers. 3 Top Reasons to Use PHP: Here are some top reasons for why PHP is the best programming language:

1.         PHP works excellent with HTML:  If there already exists a website and if the programmer is familiar with HTML, then stepping into PHP becomes easy. To say, HTML and PHP are interchangeable, whereas PHP can help adding new features to the website, however the basic appearance will be the same as created with HTML.

2.       Highly Interactive:   PHP has many interactive features that allow easy interaction with visitors, like shopping carts, interactive forums, private messaging systems, e-mail forms and more.

3. PHP is easy to learn: Compared to any other programming language, PHP is easier to learn and get started with. By just learning few simple functions, the web developer can do many things with a website. By knowing the basics, one can further make use of new scripts that are available online.

Significant Uses of PHP: PHP focuses mainly on server side scripting, which allows doing anything like generate dynamic web page content, collect form data, send or receive cookies and more. PHP can do a lot more and here are the main areas in which PHP scripts are majorly used:

•         Server side scripting: This is the mainly targeted filed for PHP, however, requires three main things such as, a web server, web browser and PHP parser or server module. This requires running a web server with PHP installation connected. It enables accessing output of PHP program with web browser, by viewing PHP page via server.

•        Desktop applications:    By using advanced PHP features, it becomes possible to use PHP – GTK for writing programs. It also increases the ability to write applications on cross-platform

•       Command line scripting:     It is possible to create a PHP script and run without a browser or server. This requires only PHP parser. This way of using PHP is considered to be ideal for regular execution of scripts using cron on Linux, nix or Task Scheduler on Windows. It is also possible to use these scripts for text processing tasks.php


Is PHP the Right Choice – Advantages of Using PHP?

For various reasons, PHP serves to be the great option and to favor the point, why is PHP truly the right choice, here follows a few:

•       PHP has a faster loading speed, therefore PHP codes run very faster than ASP

•      PHP makes software or application developed less expensive

•      It makes hosting less expensive

•      PHP is very flexible for connective many databases including MYSQL

•     In addition to lowering costs, PHP increases programming talent, right from modification to building a new application

•      It provides high compatibility with web servers and leading OS including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, OpenBSD

•      PHP is user friendly and helps to increase website traffic

•     PHP offers high security and prevents malicious attacks

Mar 19, 2022
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