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Web Design that makes the first impression the best impression

Web Design that makes the first impression the best impression
Mar 17, 2022

Most of the people think that the word web designing is all about designing a website with beautiful lay out and good color combinations to attract the visitor. That is not right. Of course this artistic part is one of the most important parts in web designing; it is not all about it. A lot of technical work too involved in web designing. A perfect web design can only be achieved by the perfect blending of artistic talents with the technical experts. And such perfects designs will certainly make the first impression about your website the best impression.

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When you are planning to design a website for you, the first thing you should know is that the design should match with the nature of your website. For example, if you are dealing with baby products, you should use light colors and shades more, but if it is a website about heavy engineering equipments, you can use dark colors more. Once the colors are selected, the next step is to create an attractive web design.

The web design itself should be self explanatory about your business. Hence you can display the images of your products on the front page attractively. If you have large number of products, display on the most important ones. Filling a page with images will not look nice. Whenever you are loading an image, you should make it sure that it is optimized. Image optimization is a good SEO practice.

Now the next step is to prepare contents. Website contents should be short but narrative. It should be readable and informative. You can add texts along with for conveying the message more effectively. It is good if you can upload videos.

Different pages in the website should be arranged well and the navigation should make easier. It is always better to provide internal links to all other pages in the first page itself. If you can provide internal links to all other pages from any page, it will be an added advantage. Such user-friendly website will be loved by most of the browsers.

Along with the images of your important products, special features of your organization can also be mentioned in the landing page. Instead of writing in length and breadth, you can make it into a slogan or a bilinear which can be displayed at a prominent place.

When you create a beautiful website with attractive features, it certainly get visited by large number of repeated visitors, which is an advantage as far as page ranking is concerned.

Mar 17, 2022
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