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Amazon Web Service module

Amazon AWS training by Ace Web Academy is designed to help you learn and master the subject with ease. AWS is today the most preferred web services used on the cloud computing platform. Services like Simple Storage, Elastic Compute Cloud, and Virtual Private Cloud are used extensively by industries across verticals for data and application management and business process continuity and scalability.

IAM Identity access management(IAM)

Identity and Access Management, widely known as IAM is important in an enterprise as it ensures the presence of policies and technologies which serves the people with the required technology resources.

Virtual Private cloud 2 Virtual Private cloud

The virtual network dedicated to your AWS account is known as Virtual Private Cloud.

AWS-Lamda-and-CLI AWS Lamda and CLI

This is the AWS Lambda API Reference . The AWS Lambda Developer Guide provides additional information. For the service overview, see What is AWS Lambda , and for information about how the service works, see AWS Lambda: How it Works in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide.

aws migration 2 AWS migration

AWS migration can be defined as the process of transferring any application, storage, database, website, server- virtual or physical, basically any kind of workload to a AWS from its current storage on a hosting facility or an on-premises environment.


Career Opportunities in Amazon Web Services

AWS certifications require a lot of practice, study and practical application to improve their learning curve and better themselves in this technology. AWS holds a major market share wherein companies are slowly migrating their databases onto the cloud platform.

With such great demand across industry verticals, there are different opportunities such as Cloud Content Administrator, Storage Managers, Cloud Architects, Technical Developer for development and deployment of application on AWS, AWS DevOps Engineer, Network administrators on Cloud, etc.

Training programs on AWS, provided by Ace Web Academy, focus on enhancing the conceptual and practical knowledge of students at par with industry standards. All our courses are taught by industry experts with many years of experience that ensure 100% success in interviews.

Who can undergo the AWS certification?

  • Students and freshers.
  • IT Managers
  • Design Architects and Solution engineers.

Prerequisite to learn the course

It is preferable for individuals to have prior knowledge / experience of basic of distributed system and multi-tier architecture. Hands-on experience with networking and cloud computing will be an added advantage, however is not mandatory.

Why Learn Amazon Web Services Course?

  • Average salaries for AWS professionals are about $120,500 PA.
  • AWS is among the top 5 hot skills in the cloud-computing space.
  • AWS is the most popular and used application on cloud-computing platform.

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About course

Amazon Web Services is basically a collection of services and solutions for effective cloud platform management. AWS is a cloud platform that includes a collection of more than 100 cloud services. Cloud computing helps companies in using compute, database, security, storage and many other resources. This new age technology is slowly becoming the building block and backbone of many IT companies to manage their database and infrastructure.

AWS helps businesses scale their IT applications exponentially without increasing the IT infrastructure cost. The main provision of the cloud platform is extensive computing power, content management, scalable solutions, database storage along with improved analytics and search function.

Get ahead in life with top-rated AWS Training by Ace Web Academy!

AWS (Amazon Web Services) training by Ace Web Academy is specifically designed to help you learn the subject with ease. Today, AWS is the most preferred web services used on cloud computing platforms across the world. Services such as simple storage, elastic compute cloud and virtual private cloud are widely utilized by companies across different verticals. Every organization today, big or small, is transferring their infrastructure, applications and legacy systems to the cloud and this is where AWS plays an integral part.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services Course

AWS Programmers are in demand today because of the growing need for mobility of business to cloud application platforms

  • AWS is among the top 5 skills in the cloud-computing space.
  • AWS has a great share in the existing cloud services market.
  • AWS programmers have a high salary with growing opportunities. Average salary is about $120,000 LPA.

Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS

What is Cloud Computing, how AWS is the leader in the cloud domain, various cloud computing products offered by AWS, introduction to AWS S3, EC2, VPC, EBS, ELB, AMI, getting a detailed understanding of the AWS architecture and the AWS Management Console, introduction to AWS EC2, comparing Public IP and Elastic IP, demonstrating how to launch an AWS EC2 instance, what is auto scaling, AWS EC2 best practices and cost involved, understanding various concepts of backup services in AWS.

Hands on Exercise

Setting up of AWS account, how to launch an EC2 instance, process of hosting a website and launching a Linux Virtual Machine using an AWS EC2 instance.

Database services

Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for block level persistent storage volumes with S3 buckets, understanding Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora which are relational databases, Amazon DynamoDB which is a NoSQL database, understanding Amazon Redshift which is a data warehousing product, Amazon ElasticCache which is an in-memory data store, deploying AWS database migration service.

Hands on Exercise

How to create an Amazon RDS instance, creating a Read Replica instance of RDS, creating Table in master RDS, how to add data to master RDS, adding data to replica RDS, using Aurora to create a PostgreSQL and MySQL instance, within DynamoDB creating a NoSQL table and running queries.

Object Storage

Introduction to AWS storage, AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service), creating an AWS S3 bucket, AWS Storage Gateway, understanding the Command Line Interface (CLI), hosting a static website using Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier storage for long-term data backup and archiving and Amazon Snowball for data import/export.

Hands on Exercise

How to run an AWS CLI command, deploying the AWS Storage Gateway for connecting cloud-based storage with the on-premise software

Autoscaling and load balancing

Understanding Fault Tolerance in AWS, in-depth study of Elastic Load Balancing, the types of Load Balancers viz. Classic and Application, AWS Auto Scaling mechanism, understanding AWS Management Console, how to access the Elastic Load Balancing, studying AWS SDK, AWS CLI and Https Query API.

Hands on Exercise

How to create an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), configuration of auto scaling group and familiarizing with the Management Console.

Virtual Private Cloud

What is Amazon VPC, VPC as a networking layer for EC2, getting started with VPC, examples, VPC and Subnets, default and non-default VPCs, components of VPC networking, IP addressing, security, VPN connections, accessing the internet, using AWS PrivateLink to access the services and VPC supported platforms.

Hands on Exercise

Create a Virtual Private Network for an AWS EC2 instance and access it over the internet and via a private network using AWS PrivateLink.

Application services, AWS Lambda and CLI

Introduction to various AWS application services, Elastic Beanstalk, Simple Email Services (SES), Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS Lambda, Elastic OpsWorks and CLI.

Hands on Exercise

How to run an app using AWS Elastics Beanstalk, deploying SES to send email, enabling and generating notification service, using AWS Lambda to copy object, modeling and provisioning your app with AWS OpsWorks.

IAM and monitoring

Authentication (who can use) and Authorization (level of access), IAM Policies – JSON structure, users, groups and their Roles, IAM HTTPS API, logging IAM events with AWS CloudTrail, monitoring and managing AWS resources using CloudWatch, deploying configuration alerts and notifications with CloudWatch, billing for CloudWatch.

Hands on Exercise

How to create a JSON document using which the access policy for groups and users in defined, logging IAM events using AWS CloudTrail.

Configuration management and automation

Configuration management and automation of server configuration using OpsWorks, determining how servers are configured, managed and deployed across EC2 instances, creating a virtual machine using Amazon Machine Image (AMI), introduction to the Domain Name Registration service AWS Route 53, how to route internet traffic to resources, checking health of resources automatically, provisioning of infrastructure resources using AWS CloudFormation.

Hands on Exercise

How to register a domain using Route 53, routing internet traffic to the resources and automatically checking health of resources.

Architecting AWS – whitepaper

Important guidelines for creating a well architected AWS framework that is resilient and performant, designing of fault-tolerant and high-availability architecture, resilient storage, decoupling mechanism, multi-tier architecture solution, disaster recovery solution, scalable and elastic solutions.

AWS Architect Questions

guidance for clearing the exam, most probable interview questions and other helpful tips for clearing the exam and interview.

Devops on AWS

How to deploy DevOps principles and methodology on the AWS platform, DevOps lifecycle and the important stages in the DevOps methodology, what is AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy.

AWS Migration

Migrating to the AWS cloud, business drivers for migration, various stages of cloud adoption, the actual migration process, migration tools and services in AWS, migrating customers to AWS cloud, track the progress of application migration, types of migration including data migration, application migration and databases migration.

AWS Security

AWS cloud security essentials, penetration testing, security compliance, infrastructure security, mitigating DDOS, Identity and Access Control (IAM), logging and monitoring, automatic audits and compliance, limitations and challenges of native AWS security.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Service Models in Cloud computing
  • Deployment models in Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to AWS
  • AWS Account creation &free tier limitations overview

Identity Access Management

  • Root Account Vs IAM user
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for Users
  • IAM Password Policies
  • Creating Customer Managed Policies
  • Groups
  • Roles

Glacier Storage

  • What is Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Storage Classes
  • Versioning
  • Cross-region replication
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Security & Encryption
  • Static Webhosting with S3 bucket
  • Events configuration on S3 buckets
  • Enabling cross-account access for S3
  • S3 Data management and backup using 3rd Party applications.
  • S3 Cross-Account Access and Pre-Signed URLs
  • Storage Gateway

Linux Introduction

  • Basics of Linux for AWS
  • Linux Installation and Basic commands overview
  • Web Server and Services Configurations


  • EC2 Instance Launch Wizard
  • EC2 Instance Types
  • Generating custom Public Key and Private keys for EC2 instances
  • Security groups
  • Volumes and Snapshots
  • Creating customized Amazon Machine Images
  • RAID Overview and RAID Configurations
  • User Data and Metadata
  • ElasticLoad Balancers & Health Checks
  • Auto Scaling Groups
  • CloudWatch
  • Creating Billing Alarm and EC2 instance alarms.
  • AWS CLI&EC2 Roles
  • Elastic File System
  • AWS Lightsail
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Placement Groups

Route 53

  • DNS Records overview
  • Routing Policies
  • Hosting sample Website and configuring Policies
  • Simple Routing Policy
  • Latency Routing Policy
  • Failover Routing Policy
  • Weighted Routing Policy
  • Geolocation Routing Policy.


  • Launching a RDS Instances (MySQL, MSSQL & Aurora)
  • Multi-AZ & Read Replicas for RDS instances
  • DynamoDB
  • Redshift
  • Elastichache
  • Database Migration Service and Schema conversion tool
  • Weighted Routing Policy
  • Geolocation Routing Policy.

VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)

  • Networking Basics
  • Creating custom VPCs and custom Subnets
  • Network ACL’s
  • Route Tables & IGW
  • VPC Peering
  • Flow log creation
  • VPN Configuration with AWS (OpenVPN)

Security Options

  • CloudTrail
  • AWS Config
  • Key Management Services
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • AWS Inspector
  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Content Delivery Networks / CloudFront

Application Services

  • Simple Email Service
  • Simple Queue Service
  • Simple Workflow Service
  • Simple Notification Service
  • SMS – Server Migration Service
  • Migrating server from on-premises to cloud
  • Cloud Formation
  • Directory Services and Adding EC2 instance to Domain
  • AWS TCO Calculator and Simple Monthly calculator

Devops Tools Overview

  • What is DevOps in Cloud
  • Code Pipeline
  • Code Commit, Code Build
  • Code Deploy
  • Lambda

Monitoring Tools

  • Creating Custom Metrics with CloudWatch

Amazon White Papers review

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational Excellence

Module 1-Introduction

  • Introduction to AWS
  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Understanding the roles of cloud computing
  • Overview of AWS
  • History so far
  • Signup to AWS free tier

Module 2-Serverless

  • Lambda Concepts
  • Building a Server less Webpage
  • Building a Alexa Skill
  • Knowledge Reasoning
  • Methodologies
  • Software Lifecycle

Module 3-Identity Access Management

  • IAM Introduction
  • IAM Lab
  • Creating a Billing Alarm

Module 4-AWS Object Storage and CDN – S3

  • Glacier and Cloud Front Intro
  • Glacier and Cloud Front Snowball
  • Transfer Acceleration
  • Creating A Static Website Using S3
  • Creating an S3 Bucket
  • Version Control
  • Cross Region Replication
  • Lifecycle management and Glacier
  • Cloud Front CDN Overview
  • Creating a Cloud Front CDN
  • Security and Encryption
  • Storage Gateway

Module 5-EC2 – the backbone of AWS

  • EC2 Introduction
  • Load Balancing Theory
  • Load Balancers and Health Checks
  • Cloud Watch EC2
  • The AWS command line and EC2
  • Using IAM roles with EC2
  • S3 CLI and Regions
  • Using Bootstrap Scripts
  • EC2 Instance Metadata
  • Auto scaling 101
  • EC2 Placements Group
  • Launching an EC2 Instance
  • EFS concepts
  • Lambda Concepts
  • Building a server less webpage
  • How to use putty
  • Security Group Basics
  • Upgrading EBS Volume types
  • Creating a Windows EC2 Instance and Raid Group
  • Creating an AMI
  • AMI’s – EBS Root Volumes vs Instance store

Module 6-Route 53

  • DNS 101
  • Register a Domain Name
  • Different Routing Types on AWS
  • Simple Routing Policy
  • Weighted Routing Policy
  • Latency Routing Policy
  • Failover Routing Policy
  • Geo Location Routing Policy
  • Multi value Routing

Module 7-Databases on AWS

  • Databases 101
  • Launching an RDS Instance
  • RDS backups, Multi –AZ and Read Replicas
  • Dynamo DB
  • Red Shift
  • Elasticache
  • Aurora
  • Databases Summary

Module 8-VPC

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • VPC introduction Associates
  • Cleanup
  • Build your own custom VPC
  • Network Address Translation
  • Network Access Control Lists Vs Security Groups
  • Custom VPC’s and ELB’s
  • VPC flow logs
  • NAT’s Vs Bastions
  • VPC endpoints

Module 9-Application Services

  • SQS
  • SWF
  • SNS
  • Elastic Transcoders
  • API gateway
  • Kinesis
  • Cloud formation Template

Module 10-The well architecture Framework

  • Architecting for AWS cloud.
  • AWS cloud best practices
  • Pillar One – Security
  • Pillar Two – Reliability
  • Pillar Three- Performance Efficiency
  • Pillar Four- Cost Optimization
  • Pillar Five- Operational Excellence

Course Details

  • eligible eligible Eligibility Anyone Can Join
  • duration duration Duration 3-4 Months
  • duration-2 duration-2 Batch Timing 1 Hrs per day
  • batch batch Project 15 Days

Ace Web Academy AWS Course Certification

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AWS Course Certifications

Certificates are issued on final completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students have to participate in real-time project programs in order to get first-hand experience on the practical usage of AWS technology. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get the best possible exposure to AWS cloud architecture and applications. All courses are designed to benefit the students only.

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Amazon AWS Cloud Certification

This particular course is designed to clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect examination. This AWS certification helps you to get the top paying jobs in top MNCs.

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