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Cyber security Module

Interested to learn the finest Cyber Security Course in India? Get in touch with Ace Web Academy to impart top-class training with the most sophisticated infrastructure set-up. With a team of Top faculty members, you now have an opportunity to bring your cyber security learning to life.

networking Data breach

A data or security breach occurs when an intruder gains unauthorized access to an organizations protected systems. Malicious applications bypass security mechanisms to infiltrate restricted areas of company data. A security breach by cybercriminals or hackers is the primary stage of violation that can lead to severe loss of data and damage systems.

CybersecurityCybercrime Statistics

Top Attack Methods and Cyber Security Concerns- There are numerous types of cyber-attacks that criminals are using to hack into different systems and devices. These include everything from ‘hacking’ and ‘phishing’ to ‘distributed denial of service’, ‘SIM-swapping’, and ‘ransomware attacks’.

compliance Compliance

In cybersecurity, compliance means creating a program that creates risk-based controls to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of any / all information stored, processed or transferred. However, cybersecurity compliance is not based on a stand-alone standard or regulation.

What is cyber security courses?

The recent modernized times of the internet is taking on a lot off precise and valuable data’s alongside with it. Many get stolen and many gets hacked. Thus the cyber security course in the Ace Web Academy provides a memorandum for all our students to understand the why cyber security is important as well as evaluate and analyses the huge flow of data and precise documents into safe hands. The developers for this course in Ace Web Academy is on a move to make our students understand that any loos of cyber data is a huge loss for the global economy of the country and thus how to prevent the huge damage of such data’s.

Why this course?

This is the most prevalent questions that the developers of the Ace Web Academy address to most predominantly. As according to the suggestions as well as the recommendations of our developers and mentors for this particular course the following point below sets out the particular agendas as to why our students should address and opt for this course.

• Our developers in the Ace Web Academy gives a full legitimized sort of understanding to all our students enabling them to withstand the law and the security of our country and why there is a need for cyber security. The mentors as well as address the working and the operations of the law and enforcement towards securing cyber data on the country.

• Another of the most vital fact is that the developers of Ace Web Academy modernize software development and understanding programmer for all our students. The reason behind the fact is that cyber security software managing skills like Web Titan and Nets parker give and helps our students in understanding the practical knowledge of cyber security.

• Last but not the least our developers work hand in hand in better portraying of the sections registered under the cyber security crimes as well as how grievance of such crime could cost penalties and gravel use punishments. This is done in order to secure our students future as well as helping them elaborate their knowledge on hackers and cyber data thefts and the punishments that this can endure.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security refers to the innate body of technologies, practices and processes that are designed to protect a variety of networks, devices and programs from cyber-attack, unauthorized access and / or damage from external influences or hackers.

An Overview

Cyber Security protocols aim at protecting systems, networks, devices and data from cyber-attacks. It is the application of different technologies, processes and controls to keep systems safe at all times. It is aimed at reducing the risks of cyber-attacks and protect every layer of data with the utmost security against unauthorized exploitation of systems and networks.

Cybersecurity job postings have exploded over the years. Burning Glass recently researched and found a 94% increase in cybersecurity job postings over the past 6 years only. If we compare, the number of IT jobs in general has grown only about 30%. This gives us a rough estimate of nearly 300% increase in demand as compared to mere IT jobs in the market. Today, Cyber Security Jobs account for nearly 13% of all IT jobs in the market.

Are you ready to take on the next level of security systems? If yes, enroll to learn everything about cyber security, ethics and protocols at Ace Web Academy today!

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Course objectives

This is the first and foremost propaganda for the developers of the Ace Web Academy to communicate to all our students as the foremost objectives of the course and how and why this course could be helpful in the betterment of the society as well as securing the future of our country.

• The first of the objectives of the course as in accordance with all our developers is that the course will provide a better understanding and a better knowledge to all our students in formulating the main requirement of cyber security and as to how helpful any networking of cyber security could be.

• Another of the fact and the most exquisite objective the course is that our students will get to know a lot about cyber securitymanaging software like the Web Titan as well as NetSparker and as to how operations of this software could be helpful in better and secured flow of data and records

• Last but not the least the course will give all or students a full insight on the working of the cyber cell and cybercrime bureau all across each country and how their enforcements have kept our data’s and records secured. This remains the most formulated objective as this will provide our students particularized for this course to get practical knowledge on the enforcements of the patrolling team over cyber by data and records and managing them while keeping them secured.

About Course

Career opportunities in cyber security

This is the most prevalent of the facts that our developers in the Ace Web Academy address and communicates to all our students. The reason behind the fact is that with no better opportunities there is no ground of rigid knowledge. Thus taking on a part our mentors and programmers have listed out the most exquisite of the career choices that any of our students particularized in this course can take upon..

  • Security specialist
  • Incident responder
  • Vulnerability accessor
  • Security administrator
  • Security manager
  • Cryptographer
  • Security architect
  • Security auditor
  • Forensic expert
  • Security engineer

Unit 1: Security Concepts and Mechanisms

Module 1: Networking

  • Lesson 1: Basics of Communication Systems
  • Lesson 2: Transmission Media
  • Lesson 3: ISO/OSI and TCP/IP Protocol Stacks
  • Lesson 4: LAN’s, WAN’sand Internetworking
  • Lesson 5: Packet Formats
  • Lesson 6 : Wireless Networks
  • Lesson 7 : The Internet

Module 2: Information Security

  • Lesson1 : Overview and Services
  • Lesson2 : Types of Attacks
  • Lesson 3: Goals for Security
  • Lesson 4: E-commerce Security
  • Lesson 5: Computer Forensics

Module 3: Security Threats and vulnerabilities

  • Lesson1 : Overview
  • Lesson2 : Hacking Techniques, Password Cracking
  • Lesson 3: Insecure Network connections, Malicious Code
  • Lesson 4: Programming Bugs
  • Lesson 5: Cyber crime and Cyber terrorism

Module 4: Cryptography

  • Lesson1 : Introduction
  • Lesson2 : Symmetric and Asymmetric key Cryptography
  • Lesson3 : Message Authentication and Hash functions
  • Lesson4 : Digital Signatures and Public Key infrastructure
  • Lesson5 : Diffe-Hellman key exchange protocol
  • Lesson6 : Tools/Applications of Cryptography

Unit 2: Security Management

Module1: Security Management Practices

  • Lesson 1: Overview
  • Lesson 2: Information Classification Process and Security Policy
  • Lesson 3: Risk Management
  • Lesson 4: Security Procedures and Guidelines
  • Lesson 5: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Module2: Security Laws and Standards

  • Lesson 1: Assurance
  • Lesson 2: Laws and Standards
  • Lesson 4: Audit
  • Lesson 5: OCTAVE approach

Unit 3: Network Security

Module 1: Access Control and Intrusion Detection

  • Lesson 1: Identification and Authorization
  • Lesson 2: Techniques and IDS
  • Lesson 3: Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems

Module 2: Server Management and Firewalls

  • Lesson 1: User Management
  • Lesson 2: DNS Routing and Load Balancing
  • Lesson 3: Firewalls types and features

Module 3: Security for VPN and Next Generation Networks

  • Lesson 1: VPN Security
  • Lesson 2: Security in Multimedia Networks
  • Lesson 3: Fax Security
  • Lesson 4: Link Encryption Devices

Unit 4: System and Application Security

  • Module 1: Security Architectures and Models
  • Lesson 1:Desiging Secure Operating Systems
  • Lesson 2: Controls to enforce security services
  • Lesson 3: Information flow model and Biba model

Module 2: System Security

  • Lesson 1: Desktop Security
  • Lesson 2: email security: PGP and SMIME
  • Lesson 3: Web Security: web authentication, SSL and SET

Course Details

  • eligible eligible Eligibility Anyone Can Join
  • duration duration Duration 3-4 Months
  • duration-2 duration-2 Batch Timing 1 Hrs per day
  • batch batch Project 15 Days

Cyber security Course Certifications

HTML Certificate

Cyber security Certificate

Though there is no such mention of any prerequisite from our mentors for this course. Yet evaluating certain facts our developer’s states that with a better understanding of Java and other code languages it would provide much valuable ground in opting for this course. After the successful completion of this course, the administrators of Ace Web Academy takes an evaluation of the technical skills of the students and provides them with a special amended certificate with special recommendations for job. This at all provides a better ground for all our students as well as facilities the growth of relationship and healthy bonds with our programmers and mentors.

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