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10 parts of web development course

10 parts of web development course
Mar 17, 2022

web development training hyderabadThere are a lot of opportunities in web development and it has been accepted as a profit making profession by the new generation. Apart from getting jobs, brilliant developers can make a lot of money too by doing freelancing. Here we will go through different parts involved in a web development course.

1.    Learning web programming language is the first step in web development. HTML is a commonly used web programming language and you should have the knowledge about CSS also as a combination of HTML and CSS is behind many excellent websites. Learning scripting languages such as PHP and database scripting languages such as SQL etc are also included in the first step.

2.    At this step you are learning about the techniques solving cases of web programming. Here you learn a lot of things such as how to access the data, how to connect the web with various applications etc.

3.    At third stage, the course deals with how to develop a good website. Here you will have to do a lot of researches and analysis on various aspects of a website. You should learn various methods too such as RUP, Agile, and USDP etc.

4.    Image processing will be taught in the next step. You should be familiar with abode Photoshop or Abode Fireworks and should learn to make pictures such as background pictures, icons etc. There is no doubt that the job of creating images is of a web designer, but if you can do that also you can be a perfect web developer.

5.    Next step is to learn how to use the framework. It is nothing but a set of functions that can ease your job.

6.    Creating a website is not enough unless and until it is optimized. Now you will have to learn many on page optimization techniques to make a website search engine friendly.

7.    A basic knowledge about web server is necessary as you should be able to know how various programs run on a server.

8.    Learning using of control panel is also necessary as you will have to work with control panel.

9.    Web technology is not stand still and it evolves continuously. You should get updated with the latest technology always. Otherwise you may not be able to be a successful web developer.

10.    Learning project management is another major step in web development. An application development is a project and you should be able to plan and execute the same within the specified time limit. Project management course will help you here.

Mar 17, 2022
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