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8 Best Free SEO Learning Resources for Newbies

8 Best Free SEO Learning Resources for Newbies
Mar 19, 2022


When it comes to making optimum utilization of a website then we certainly need to focus on its SEO part. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most valuable and widely used techniques for online marketing, and without its contribution, you cannot expect your website to yield positive results. Like we know, SEO is about fine tuning a website according to the guidelines of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Once you know how to fine tune a website with the help of SEO tools, it can open up many doors of opportunities for you.


Learning SEO in today’s time is proving to be highly useful. Once you become a trained SEO expert, you can either join a company as a SEO expert or provide freelancing services to huge pool of small and midsized companies waiting for affordable SEO services. We all know that with the passage of time, the number of websites in the web world is increasing rapidly, and therefore the opportunities are increasing as well. So, the future for the SEO experts is quite a bright one.

Importance of SEO learning

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are updating themselves on regular basis, and in order to maintain a decent search engine ranking, it is crucial to learn about the various aspects of SEO. No doubt, we mainly mean Google when it comes to SEO. The rules associated with the search engines change quite often; from the usage of contents to the implementation of new keywords, there are many things that a professional SEO expert must know. This is the reason why learning SEO has turned out to be so important these days.

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The crawlers associated with the search engines are powered by set of instructions; they do not have the ability to judge or figure out elements by their own. So, when you post a picture of your cat on any social networking site, the search engine crawlers certainly have to rely on the texts associated with the picture, rather than understanding the picture with the looks itself.

Some really useful free resources for learning SEO

There are many resources available in the online world through which you can learn about the various elements of SEO. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Google SEO:1-google-seo-1-guide

Google being the main player in the field of search engines, it is certainly important as well as helpful to check out the information provided by them. The SEO guidelines provided by Google encompass all sorts of details, from the selection of right keywords to back-linking. Most importantly, it can help you know about the mistakes that you need to avoid in order maintaining the ranking of your website in the search result. The webmaster guidelines can prove to be highly effective in your learning process

2. Moz SEO Guide:2-moze-seo-guide

This is another cool website from where you can learn about the basic and even the advanced aspects of SEO. In order to learn the basics, there are 10 chapters on this website, and some of them are- how search engines operate; keyword research; the interaction between people and search engines; SEO based web design; etc. The free analytics software provided by Moz is also quite handy in nature.

3. SEO Book:5-seo-book

Powered by more than 100 SEO experts from different parts of the world, this website encompasses tons of details related to SEO, and even the latest updates that are taking place. In order to get a taste of it, you can subscribe to its 7-day free tutorial package. It would offer you lessons on link building, keyword research, on-page optimization, etc.

4. Quora:4-quora

The world of Quora is full of information, and each question here has many answers. Hence, without getting bored, you can seek tons of information through this online platform. The SEO section in Quora is quite a vast one, offering more than 28,000 questions on this subject. So, there are plenty of things to learn about.

5. Search Engine Land:3-sel

In case you are looking for a very interesting way to learn SEO then this can be the best option. Offering a more like graphical interpretation of the lessons, this website focuses more on the factors that really matter in the field of SEO. There are 9 chapters included, and the explanations and examples provided in each of them are pretty helpful.

6. Quick Sprouts:quick-sprout

Run by internet entrepreneur Neil Patel, this website also comprises of 9 chapters on SEO, and you will surely find the lessons interesting. Neil Patel is a NY Times bestselling author. He offers a number of free courses on various aspects of SEO.

7. Kissmetrics :8-kissmetrics

Through this website, you can get all the necessary information related to the basics of SEO, and how to work with the SEO analytics tools. It will also help you know about the vital aspects of online marketing. Overall, it is a good option from where you can learn SEO.

8. Neil Patel blog:7-neil-patel-blog

This is a web portal by Neil Patel, and it is more like a simpler version of the above mentioned one. Through this blog, he shares his views and experiences related to the field of SEO.


So, those were some of the best resources available. Once you become an expert of SEO, you become capable of understanding how the search engine and its crawlers would react in any given situation. In this way, you turn out to be smarter and more skilled in fine tuning the various aspects of any website and the marketing campaigns related to it.

Mar 19, 2022
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