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9 Impressive features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

9 Impressive features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Mar 19, 2022


Google has now rolled out the latest and current version-Android 6.0 and named it as Marshmallow. In this version, the primary focus is on improving the overall user experience.

This version release does not have a completely revamped look; instead this operating system uses the same colorful Material design theme and many of the big changes that rolled in with Lollipop remain the same, like recent apps and notification visuals, introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Initially, this app will start rolling out on Nexus devices-Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus player.

The notable features of this version release are elaborated below:


1. ‘Now on Tap’:

Google’s ‘Now on Tap’, is undoubtedly an extraordinary standout feature of this version release. This Google’s personal assistant is spread out across the entire OS; you can take advantage of it on any screen, regardless of what you are doing.

For example, if you receive an SMS from your friend, inviting you have coffee at ‘Coffee Day’ restaurant, all you need to do, is simply press and hold the home button, and ‘Now on Tap’, will automatically recognize the context of the text based on words like ‘Coffee Day’ and Restaurant’ and show you the useful results, such as location, nearby landmarks, ratings etc.

You could make a voice query such as ‘Where is it?’ while looking at a page about Coffee Day restaurant, and ‘Now on Tap’ will pop up the answer – it knows which ‘it’ you’re referring to.

2. Permission For Improved Security:

Earlier any app could easily look and access your personal information, but with this release, Android M gives you the flexibility to customize the permissions.

Often, there are few things that you don’t want an App to see or access, but don’t have an option of denying permission.  But, now Apps designed for Android Marshmallow ask for permission to access your mobile device’s features whenever needed. You can deny permission and still continue to use the app. Advanced controls to turn permissions on or off for all your installed apps are also a highlight of this version.

3. Improved Battery Life:

Improved battery life doesn’t relate to the size of the battery, but rather it is about increasing the battery life of the device. Two new features (Doze & App standby) are added in Android’s marshmallow version to improve battery life of a device.

Doze: When your device is idle, Doze automatically, switches over the device into sleep mode in order to conserve device’s power consumption. Nevertheless, your phone can still set off the alarm, even if you have not charged your phone.

App standby: This feature puts the rarely used Apps in a reduced activity mode in order to conserve battery for those apps that are used more often.

4.  App Drawer:

The app drawer is the new default screen in which all the installed apps are stored. Users, instead of swiping left or right through pages that are full of apps, can scroll up and down to search for an app stored in the app drawer.

All the installed apps are arranged alphabetically, which makes finding them really easy, especially with the scroll bar on the side which quickly gets you to any particular letter.  Besides, there is also a search bar at the top of the app drawer which can be used for searching an installed app.

5.  Finger print support:

The crazy passwords that were used to unlock your device or an app are outdated now. In the latest version of Android 6.0, finger print support is the added attraction; which means that from now on you can use fingerprint scanning to unlock your device, pay using Android Pay, makes Play Store purchases by authorizing them with your fingerprint, etc. Usernames and passwords can also be saved with an authenticated with a fingerprint scan.

6.  Enhanced cut, copy and share option:

Another significant feature of Android Marshmallow version is the way cut, copy and share options are handled. In this version, as you select a text, Marshmallow will float the options (cut, copy and share) options directly above the text that has been selected.

7.  Direct Share and Floating Toolbars:

With Direct Share, your device will have the power to know who you share content with the most so that you can share content with just the push of one button and as for the floating toolbar, this feature will make it easier to copy and paste content from web pages or documents.

8.  USB-Type C:

USB Type C will eventually replace all types of USB on both hosts and client devices since it is reversible. The latest version of Android offers full support for Type-C. This is a step to charge your Android phones and tablets more quickly and conveniently in the near future.

9.  Track Memory:

Marshmallow can now easily reveal information about how much of memory your apps are taking up on your device with Track memory feature. With this feature you can see how frequently apps are running and also remove or uninstall the apps that are draining your memory the most.


Android Marshmallow’s release has created inquisitiveness among users. The above mentioned features, which have come up with Android’s 6.0 version, will give utmost user experience and will make users drool over Marshmallow.

Mar 19, 2022
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