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Basic Design Tips for Creating an Impressive Business Website

Basic Design Tips for Creating an Impressive Business Website
Mar 19, 2022

Let us begin with the thought that the structure or the layout of the website decides the performance of your business in the internet. The content and layout factors are at the core of user experience and thereby drive traffic to the website.

The appearance of business website speaks volumes about how legitimate the business is and how focused it is on providing a favorable user experience. It is important to remember that accessibility is an extremely important aspect that works in hand with the aesthetic appeal of the website. A layout that is planned transports the objectives of the business effortlessly on to the user or a prospective buyer. It makes important page links obvious to your visitors and allows them to obtain information they want in a few button clicks and engage them with a steady flow of information.

With respect to web design, layout plays a key role in technically making a website attractive; assures your business of a better reach even without flamboyant graphics! In short here is what you must keep in mind for that perfect website layout-

(a) The layout of the site should fundamentally be line with the purpose of the business s presence in the web; otherwise the customers will quickly lose their interest. The pattern should certainly follow in terms of the color scheme images and over all content used in the website. Pay attention to the white spaces and avoid use of very loud colors.

(b) Simplicity brings about user friendliness. Complex navigational links with equally complex scripts and images are best avoided purely because it may not be viewed uniformly across all browsers. Search engines index websites based on navigation techniques. Smaller icons always tend to drag the attention of site- visitors.

(c) Color combination is an aspect that is extremely personal to a webmaster or designer. However, it would always prove wise to obtain feedback from users or friends about colors used on the website. Use web safe colors whenever possible and as much as possible.

(d) Stick to standard readable font size and face: Use a standard size of fonts and ensure your select a professional looking font face always. Space your texts well, and works cohesively with the design and colors used.

(e) Decide and limit the width and height of the webpage such that important content of the webpage lies within the top 600×600 viewable area without the user having to scroll. The additional content may be moved to the next page with a navigational link to back and forth accordingly provide. This will bring about an increase to your web site’s page views and making way for additional advertisement space as well.

(f) Usually the size of a webpage is defined by the total size of text, images and all the relevant supporting files (including JavaScript, flash etc.) which gets downloaded from the server once a request is placed. The page size is very crucial for high volume websites because of high bandwidth it demands. This simply implies that smaller page sizes load faster. Structure your website accordingly, match content images while keeping in mind the page-loading speed of the website.

A small Tip. A rough target for page size should be around or below 35K for at least the cover page. However in the case of ecommerce sites, it is often not possible because of the need for multiple product images for products displayed. It is required to remember that as a general rule of thumb, a visitor tend to leave the site if the loading time exceeds eight seconds.

(a) Create engaging content for your audience with a strategic number of keywords in the right place. Your content needs to be what the user is looking for as well that which goes down well with search engines.

(b) Ensure that the website is tested and run across all browsers; given the variety of browsers and the settings they come with.

(c) Ensure that your website is responsive as well as SEO friendly with all the right social media share buttons incorporated in the design.

A good website layout forms the skeletal framework which holds together the various aspects of the website in terms of content, access and user experience. A website designer must be able to project the interests of the business on the website in the best possible manner with that winning layout.

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Mar 19, 2022
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