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Five most used mobile apps

Five most used mobile apps
Mar 17, 2022

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life and people are using the same for many purposes. It was a mode of oral communication in its earlier avatar, but later being used for many other purposes. One of the most common uses of mobile phone nowadays is for browsing. When the mobile users have increased in numbers, the facilities provided in mobile phones too increased. These new generation mobile applications help a lot to make the life simpler and more enjoyable. When some of the applications or Mobile apps as they known commonly are coming as built in facilities, some others need to be incorporated in the mobile phones. Now we are talking about the most important and widely used five mobile applications.

  1. Linquet

This tiny device has gained significance in the recent years. This helps you to prevent the loss of your valuables. In the present day world when most of us are busy with many engagements and immersed in different types of problems, it is natural to turn more absent minded. We may forget to take back some valuables form where we kept it for a while or even forget the place where we kept. If you attach this tiny device to your valuables and connect it with your mobile phone, it will give you alarm when you are out of its range.

  1. Qwiqq

It is a social shopping app which helps the user to identify the products they are searching for and to make purchases using smart phones. Life was more comfortable never before.

  1. Google Plus Local

A replacement for Google Plus, Google plus Local is an effective tool for local business search and it is being used in android phones as well as in iphones.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a mobile application that comes in use in our day to day life. This app helps you to back your files up, share with others and synchronize between different systems etc. Using this mobile app, you can upload photos and videos easy on your smart phones and then share the same with your computer. Another advantage is that you can monitor your computer for any unauthorized access from your mobile device with the help of Dropbox.

  1. Epicurious

We all are working for food and at the end of the day we all will be rushing to have the bread and butter. This mobile application can help you to take out the best recipe for your dinner from a vast list of recipes.  It helps you to find out the best recipe for you with the help of different filters.

However mobile applications are not ending here. You can do wonders with the advanced technology and there are many professionals who can help you in designing proper mobile apps for your purpose. It can be for an official purpose or to have an entertainment, of course there is a mobile app which will make your life more comfortable and easier.

Mar 17, 2022
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