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Full Stack Developer Salary and Web Developer Salary in India

Full Stack Developer Salary and Web Developer Salary in India
Mar 19, 2022

The software industry is one of the most progressive industries in India. Web development, Application development and programming jobs are flooding the current job market. With the growth of the Internet, the demand for professional full stack developers and web developers is on the rise.

A few years ago, companies had dedicated teams to handle front end and back end part of application development. But in last few years, start-ups who have limited resources are looking to fill up full stack developer positions. They are finding it cost effective to hire a Full-stack Developer who is proficient in multiple tasks than hiring front end and back end developers separately. Moreover, integration becomes easier and faster when a single person handles both aspects of the app development. In the past 1 year the demand for full stack developers has increased by 30%. A full stack developer can earn upto 30% more than a regular developer depending on his experience level.


what is web development

There are a variety of career options available in the Indian software industry and you can have a bright career ahead. Whether you are a Web Developer or a Full Stack Developer, building your skillset is the key to demand a high salary. You can either get a degree from a university in the relevant field or enroll for online courses. You can even read books, practice and learn yourself. Once you are confident of your skills and you have a portfolio of your work to showcase your skillset you can start your career.

Web developer salary in India and Abroad

First let’s see What is Web development? Web development refers to the process of building and creating websites for the purpose of hosting on the internet. It involves designing the website interface using HTML and CSS, content creation, programming, database management as well as network security and configuration.

Every business in the world, whether it is a small shop or a multi-national company, needs a website to thrive and grow in today’s era. The shift towards online shopping is leading to the development of more and more eCommerce websites. With the increase in mobile usage, businesses require websites that can work on the mobile platform. Hence the demand for web developers who can develop and maintain these websites on an on-going basis is continuously on the rise. It is very likely that the field of web development will continue to grow for another decade to come.

web developer salary in India

A Web Developer should have the ability to understand the client’s requirements to create a website as per his needs. He creates the layout of the site and integrates the graphics, audio, video, content and other required applications. For this he must have knowledge of HTML,CSS or JavaScript. Apart from how a website looks, they also take care of the core logic of the website. They are responsible for the technical aspects of the website like performance, speed and the amount of traffic that it can handle.  Candidates having a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or programming can easily enter the web development field. Those having the knowledge of multiple programming languages and various multimedia tools will have an edge over others. Once you Learn Web Development, you also needs to constantly update your skill set by attending workshops, reading journals and doing various new technical courses to keep yourself employable.

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With the increasing demand of Web Developers in the tech industry there has been a huge spike in their salaries. There are a number of factors that determine a web developer’s salary. Thenumber of years of working experience you have in this field, the specific function that you perform in the company, size of the company, location, possession of any specialised skill are some factors that determines a web developer’s salary structure. On an average a Web Developer earns 2.75 to 3.5 lakhs per annum in India. The average salary for a Web Developer is $71,897 per year in the United States.

So if you learn web development you can open yourself to immense Web Developer Career Growth opportunities. If you want to do a Web Developer Course in Hyderabad, there is no better place than AceWebAcademy. Theirall-inclusive training program helps you learn all the programming concepts and develop skills needed to build dynamic and interactive websites. Once you gain advanced coding knowledge you can bargain for a higher salary.

Full stack web developer Salary in India and Abroad

Full stack development is the development of both the front end and back end portions of an application. Front end development deals with what the user sees and interacts with. Back end deals with database, network security, configuration etc.

what Full stack development

Let’s see what is a Full Stack Developer’s role and responsibility. A full stack developer has the knowledge and skill to contribute to the work of the entire web development cycle, both the user as well as server side. He designs the user interface using mark up languages, develops the server side script and integrates them to come up with a functional and responsive web application. He takes care that the app is optimized for performance and speed. He is even responsible for troubleshooting and fixing any bugs that may occur.

According to a survey conducted by Indeed the average salary for Full Stack Developer in India is 6.25 lakhs per annum. These estimates are based on the figures submitted by full stack developer employees in the past 3 years. The average salary for a Full Stack Web Developer is $88,488 in United States.

Full stack web developer

A full stack developer deals with a number of technologies. He knows CSS, HTML, JavaScript as well as Python, Ruby and Java. He needs to have a passion for learning to keep pace with the fast-changing technology landscape. Once you do a Full Stack Developer Course you get a fatter paycheck than those developers who know the only front end or back end. You need to have up to date knowledge and experience in this field to find lucrative Full stack web developer career growth opportunities.

In India, the demand for full stack developers has surged in recent times. Most start-ups and software companies are looking for full stack developers who know the entire web development cycle inside out. Rather than hiring two separate developers for front end and back end development, they prefer to hire a full stack developer who has the expertise to make beautiful, functional, interactive web applications from end to end. For this, they are ready to pay him a higher salary.

AceWeb Academy is a premier institute that provides Full Stack Development Training in Hyderabad. Learn full stack web development, and have a bright future ahead in your career path.

Mar 19, 2022
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