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How to Build A WordPress Blog- Step By Step Guide For Beginners

How to Build A WordPress Blog- Step By Step Guide For Beginners
Mar 19, 2022


WordPress is a blogging platform which doesn’t need much introduction in this digital world. This is the most common and secured platform which is used by millions of people to establish brand identity and as well evolve their business through blogging.

So now, what exactly is blogging and why do you want to get into it.

Potential of Blogging:

Blogging is nothing but sharing your knowledge about any niche which you are passionate about. As you know, every day the number of people who are using online resources are increasing; this gives you a high chances of increasing visitors to your blog.

In a word, you are attracting and engaging more audience to your business.

Why to Prefer WordPress?

 * This is a robust platform which is offering a myriad of layouts, add-ons and themes for FREE to everyone.
* The interface is so easy and it is clear and simple to follow for even people with zero techy knowledge.
* The huge success of WordPress is just because of the multiple updates that are getting released to make it more secure. Resulting in no threats of hacking.
* Even though you are using a free platform, the advantage is you can make your blog more customizable. There are multiple themes and plugins which go well with your services. All this helps to enhance the look and the performance of your blog.

Here, you will learn how to build a profitable WordPress blog in a step by step manner:

Step 1: 

Do brainstorming and come to an idea about the niche which you want to blog on.

Step 2: 

Next we will go with domain name selection to start your new WordPress blog, once you decide the stream you are highly passionate.

Domain Name Selection:

The name of the blog is just the identity to your blog in the search engine. Rather, there are many advantages if you could name it right. Wonder after reading the list if you have missed any.

>  Let your domain name be descriptive so that people understand what you are blogging off.
>  Make use of proper keyword as a part of your domain name and this helps to win the grace of the algorithm.
>  Never miss the chance of getting high rankings with this practice.
>  Think and use the word which is easy to memorize and brings you a brand identity.
>  Always try to go for the .com extension to your blog as most of us are used to it. You may even try as per the type of service you are willing to provide, say .org, etc.

Step 3: 

Done with your domain name selection, and now step ahead to registering it.

Domain registration and hosting:

Always remember to get your domain registered from the websites which have already gained peoples trust. Otherwise, they may get disappeared in a couple of months.

Eg: GoDaddy

Go to and enter your selected domain name, always give priority to .com as it is useful in further.

domain registration

Once you finished with domain availability check, continue to payment transactions.


Hosting is done by a company which stores all your files on a server and deliver them to the users upon request.

It is while choosing the hosting plans, ensure that you are not going to get penalized with improper page load speed up time as these factors are very essential.

Eg: BlueHost, GoDaddy, Hostgater etc.

I would prefer BlueHost or GoDaddy as many bloggers are using and having good experience including me.

Once you registered login to account with credentials

Hosting login

Next go to manage to manage your blog/website

Hosting Set Up

Step 4: 

Cpanel settings/Hosting account set up:

The best way to handle any website is to make use of the cpanel which is a control tool for managing web hosting accounts.  You may install the WordPress using this cpanel once you login. All the hosting accounts are managed here and this is a candid and easy process which everyone may follow and work on.

If you have selected GoDaddy as hosting provider, just follow the below steps

–>Go to manage Hosting

Cpanel login


–>Next step, click on File manager and select the theme root folder to edit

Cpanel -File upload

Step 5: 

WordPress installation steps:

In two ways we can install WordPress

        i) By default host provider will give you WordPress Application file to installHow to install wordpress in my site


Installation set up1



–> You will get following screen

WP Installing 2

–> Once installation is over you will get following screen

WP Installing 2

–> Finally WordPress is ready to use

WP is ready to use 4

ii) In other way you need to download WordPress application file from official site

This is just a simple  step installation which will be completed in less time. All that you need to do is:

> Use FTP to upload the extracted files and folders to the webserver after you download.
> Now you have to create a mysql database login credentials and > this can be done thorough hosts cpanel. Make a note of credentials which you have submitted for the installation process.
> Time to edit the wp-config-sample.php. Here you have to enter your database name, user name and password.

Create Database at phpmyadmin

Congo’s! You have now installed the wordpress and it is time to start your blogging journey with your first post.

Rather spice your content with proper theme installations and customize it with plugins.

Step 6: 

Theme Installation process:

In this regard, you may customize the website and start your own service of any type and market it for profitable returns.

Just make sure that you are registering with a profound domain name which hits your visitors and thereby download WordPress package from official page and upload the installation files to the web host and create a blog of your choice.

Follow below 3 simple steps to install theme

Step 1: 

Theme Installation1

Step 2: 


Step 3: 


Congrats Your Blog Is Ready to Use…!!!!

See your First post…


Creating stunning content with awesome websites is so simple if you can follow all the steps of the WordPress installation. You may either custom design the blog or use the hundreds of available themes and define your blog to get high page rankings and get a huge audience engaged. Earn money with Google AdSense

Mar 19, 2022
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