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Is Digital Marketing Worth Learning in 2021

Is Digital Marketing Worth Learning in 2021
Mar 19, 2022

Digital marketing refers to the methods and techniques you use to promote a product or service online. Its primary goal, like traditional marketing, is to attract an audience and generate leads. Social media, search engines, email, and other domains are all part of digital marketing.

It follows the 4Ps of Marketing – Place, Promote, Product, and Price. Over time, digital marketing has significantly evolved, and the internet has become an integral part of our existence. This evolution has made digital marketing a worthy career option.

The demand for digital marketing skills has grown manifold over the past several years. Owing to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a tremendous increase in people learning the skill and industries making digital marketing an active part of their marketing strategies.

Is digital marketing the best career choice in 2021?

Digital marketing, today, attracts top talent because of its openness to welcome professionals in all aspects of life. So, the answer is straightforward – whether you are studying entrepreneurship, changing career paths, or learning how to become a successful freelancer: Learn Digital Marketing!

Why should you learn Digital Marketing?

Companies across all industries are focusing on establishing a robust online presence. They are also hiring digital marketers for this purpose. Career advancement in digital marketing is relatively rapid, so many people are now choosing a digital marketing career.

Digital Marketing in India is showing good growth too. We give you a few reasons to invest in digital marketing courses or workshops today.

1. High Demand

According to the Marketing Hiring Trends report, about 69 percent of companies plan to hire more digital marketers.

The report also discovered a significant gap between the supply and demand for digital marketing professionals. The demand was approximately 59 percent, but the supply was only 19 percent.

Digital Marketing in India will grow approximately 20% in 2021.

It means that businesses are clamoring to hire digital marketers. It simply means that after you learn digital marketing, which is such a highly sought-after skill, you will be able to obtain higher-paying jobs with greater security.

2. High Scalability

Digital marketing in India will continue to be in high demand. Companies understand the value of the internet and digital platforms. Digital marketing enables them to reach a larger audience, expand their business, and generate more revenue.

A digital marketing expert’s tasks include setting up a business online, running ad campaigns, creating content strategies, etc., to name a few.

They cannot, however, perform these tasks without the assistance of trained digital marketing professionals. As a result, the demand for these skills will continue to rise. As per recent studies, digital marketing in India will create 20 lakh jobs by 2021.

3. Start or Promote Business

Digital marketers are well-versed in a variety of online tools and platforms. They can create websites, promote business, and build scalable digital solutions for different markets.

By learning digital marketing, you may start your online business or work as a high-ticket consultant to several companies globally.

Learning digital marketing is imperative for people who want to become entrepreneurs. With this knowledge, you could reduce the cost of promoting your company, reach the appropriate audience and improve your progress.

4. Increase your pay

Adding a digital marketing certification will prove worthwhile as you climb the corporate ladder. There is a high demand for digital marketing professionals, and it is the nature of this increased demand for digital marketing roles that the pay scale tips on the higher side.

Because of your expertise, you may be able to advance in the organization and increase your salary.

Digital marketing in India has a good salary range. The marketing managers make between 5 and 10 lakh rupees per year, and Social media managers make between 6 and 8 lakh rupees per year.

Wouldn’t a raise be fantastic?

However, it is a great idea to learn digital marketing skills with an expert before making your foray into this industry.

5. Start your Career Easily

To become an engineer, you must first obtain a degree in engineering. To become a pilot, you must first attend aviation school and get a license. However, if you want to become a digital marketer, all you need to do is learn digital marketing, practice the essential online marketing techniques and build a portfolio.

Various courses in digital marketing with certificates are available online that will provide you with excellent knowledge. With the help of multiple ways to learn this skill, you can start your career alongside your graduation or any degree.

6. Evolution

Did you use WhatsApp in 2011? Or did you use Google Assistant to look up information in 2015?


It demonstrates how quickly the internet evolves. Every year, it changes, and the changes aren’t minor; in fact, they’re the opposite. And digital marketers must constantly adapt to these changes.

If you want to work in a field full of novelty and variety, you should consider completing a course in digital marketing.

7. A Technical and Creative Profession

Digital marketing necessitates a unique blend of creativity and technical knowledge. You’ll be responsible for creating eye-catching headlines for ad campaigns as well as monitoring campaign analytics.

Because this field is vast, with multiple sections, each of them necessitates a distinct skill set. A content marketer, for example, should be able to write great blog articles. On the other hand, a social media marketer should understand how to run an effective promotion campaign.

Let’s highlight a few career opportunities in Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization

Every day, Google receives approximately 60,000 searches per second. You are looking for answers on these platforms. With the help of SEO Training, you can ensure that they find your website when searching for something related to it.

Businesses are focusing on SEO to increase traffic to their websites. If your audience is large, you will be able to attract more customers.

SEO influences a variety of factors, including site loading speed, keyword optimization, and so on. As an SEO manager, you will determine and correct the reasons for your website’s poor SEO performance.

SEO takes time to produce results, but a higher ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) can strengthen the brand and generate more awareness.

2. Social Media Marketing

For digital marketers, social media is a gold mine. Consider Facebook, which has an estimated 2 billion users a month.

These platforms enable marketers to reach their target audience. They can communicate directly with their expectations and build a progressive following of their product.

Digital marketers complete tasks to increase followers and manage their clients’ social media presence.

3. Email Marketing

Businesses use email marketing for both outbound and inbound marketing. They send out emails with advertisements to reach customers anywhere, globally. They also create email newsletters to convert followers into customers.

As a digital marketer, you must increase the number of newsletter signups, create compelling newsletter content, and convert subscribers into customers.

The sectors mentioned above are just a few of the many that exist in digital marketing.


It may seem like a bit of an overload for digital marketing for beginners. However, if you are starting, be rest assured, you should start practicing your expertise by-

  • Writing content
  • Being smart with social media
  • Learning about landing pages
  • Focusing on the benefits

Whether you are fresh out of college or changing careers, the demand for digital marketing skills is unending, with unlimited potential in the future.

Mar 19, 2022
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