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Mobile App Design And Development Tips

Mobile App Design And Development Tips
Mar 19, 2022

Tips for Designing and Developing Effective Android Mobile App

The need for Android mobile apps is increasing in recent days with the increase in the use of infinitive numbers of Android devices by people across the world. The Android operating system is becoming tremendously successful with the launch of millions of Smartphones and Smart devices. Android helps in making user-friendly applications for both tablets and mobile phones. Today, companies started using android apps for promoting their business and product and services, as it enables easy use of the web pages and also download many applications that have higher usability in every aspect. It functions as an open source platform for developers to design ample applications.

Benefits of Android Applications:

Android applications offer many benefits and they include:

*      Being Linux based, android enable simple contact with core functions of mobile device

*       It enables to receiving information fast

*       It provides development tools that are easy to understand and reduce developmental cycle

*       Enables developers to use all information and services without demarcation

*       It has rich browser amenities to offer enhanced services

11 Tips for Developing and Designing Android Apps

Here follows some informative tips to design and develop Android apps:

1.      Design using responsive web design: It is always recommendable to use responsive web design to deal with both cross platform and cross browser compatibilities. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is one such type of responsive web design widely used

2.       Make sure that the look and feel of the app honors the targeted platform. Developers must consider the degree of standardization while designing corporate apps, as these applications are used on multiple devices and contexts

3.       Think Creatively: It is equally important to think creatively to design unique apps that become 100% usable according to the current trend

4.        Testing: Always try to test the mobile apps designed, as it would become impactful to design and launch an extraordinary application for Smartphones

5.        Understand user’s expectations: Try to go deep with the user’s expectations and desire. It is important to understand user’s motivation deeply

6.        Plan for offline experience: Some applications are launched to enable usability when consumers are not online. There are applications that work seamlessly even when users are not connected online or if there is no signal received. Such applications would certainly increase the usability

7.       Design easy to use apps: Remember, any apps designed should become extremely easy to use without any need for having a deep understanding over it. Such mobile apps become widely used by millions of users across the world and achieve a great demand

8.        Create a tailored design: Every Android owners will user their device in a different way. Therefore, make sure the design matches Android operating system perfectly

9.         Using Grid: Grids help to keep everything consistent as user move from page to page throughout the app. The grids also enable designers to maintain a consistency and create visual connections

10.       Try to cover many platforms: There are users accessing android apps everyday across multiple devices and various platforms. Therefore, the design developed must cover almost all platforms and make sure that the app is available to all

11.        Functional app: Android apps created must be highly functional and attractive, making the users to have complete usability

Mar 19, 2022
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