PHP and MySql is the heart and soul of developing websites
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The art of creating a dynamic and an interactive website that lasts more than mere aesthetic appeal is entirely in the hands of the web programmer, his skill and expertise in the technologies of PHP and MySQL. It is imperative that he has hands on working knowledge with both these aspects of coding and fully understands the role of each of them in creating a website.

php and myql training

 The role of PHP and MySql in web programming- PHP first.

PHP is a scripting language which is used to build interactive scripts; now these are    executed on the web server with the results redirected to the viewer via the HTML  codes which are already written.Php is perhaps the most popular scripting language  on the web used to enhance web pages. It allows you  to create username and  password login pages, check details from a form, create forums itself , access picture  galleries, surveys, etc. As mentioned it is basically a server-sided language because  the codes do not get executed on your computer but actually on the system from  where you request information from.

Note the following major areas which use PHP scripts-

 •    Server-side scripting which deploys a PHP parser (CGI or a server module), a web server and a web browser. The codes are run on the web server with a connected PHP installation, the actual PHP program output is viewed with a web browser, the PHP page itself is views through the server.

 •   Command line scripting can also be carried out; a PHP script can be written and run without any server or browser with just the PHP parser. These are ideal for scripts that are regularly used for simple text processing tasks.

 •   Writing desktop applications. PHP-GTK can be used to create simple desk top applications; you also have the freedom to write cross-platform applications in the same manner. It is important to note that PHP-GTK is an extension to PHP, which is not available otherwise as part of the basic package.


Hand in hand, MySQL is the actual database language which allows you to create, edit, and access multiple other databases on your server. The combination of these two languages is that which forms the backbone of websites such as online stores, forums, games, and any other function which may be expected out of a website. MySQL is the most popular and widely used open source database technology and data storage system.  It is free and that which comes with free documentation, also note that thousands of programmers share their code that relates to communication with a MySQL database. The combination of these two languages is that which forms the backbone of websites such as online stores, forums, games, and any other function which may be expected out of a website.A MySQL database holds string (text based) data,images, media files, audio files, and files of that kind which cannot be ideally stored in the database. These files on the server can be categorized into folders and can function with just reference their name and path in the database.

PHP and MySql provide scope to create a world of web applications; have a look at the following-

1.   These can be used to create website blogs, also upgrades in them.
2.   Scope in customization of dynamic database driven websites (such as developPHP)
3.   Progamming of Ecommerce and custom online stores.
4.   Creation of social networks and communities.
5.   Access to the required client and customer information at all times.

The scope of internet is growing with each passing day embracing a slew of websites competing in performance, it is but necessary to learn these “building blocks” of the web in a structured manner. Greater the expertise with MySQL and PHP, the more successful the website performs.