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Prado Web Development, the Best Option for Creating Web Applications

Prado Web Development, the Best Option for Creating Web Applications
Mar 17, 2022

web programming learning institutePRADO or PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented is an event driven, component programming framework that is used for web applications development in PHP5. The only condition for opting for PRADO is that the web server should support PHP5 or higher versions. This web development framework is totally free and can be used to develop open source applications as well as commercial applications. Although there are several latest versions of web development programs, the features of PRADO make it unique and most sought after web development program among the professional web developers. Some of the special features are mentioned below:

  • Security is more in this framework. Java script code has been reworked to ensure safety from various XSS attacks. Similarly a large number of bugs have been eliminated from the framework.
  • There were some minus points in the earlier versions and all those have been addressed to make this latest version of PHP a suitable option for fast loading. At the same time the ad-hoc code will reduce the usage of memory to a greater extent. Load on the server will be less and the catching of Java scripts has been improved.
  • There are more controls added in this latest version and hence the power is more.
  • This version comes up with nearly 20 new features and about 60 bug fixes.
  • Highly user-friendly and the use of components made easier
  • Coding is being done in terms of methods and properties and it helps web developers from writing lengthy codes.

A course in this latest version is being provided as a part of web development course in many institutes. However, theoretical knowledge alone will not help you as you need practical experience too. Here is the major difference between various institutes comes up. It is always better to go with Institutes offering practical session on live projects. Here you will get an opportunity to come across with the real challenges that may come in your way in future.

At the same time the institute should facilitate the students to have access to the modern technology and sophisticated equipments. Unfortunately very few institutes offer these facilities to the students. However there are some good institutes offering professional web development courses in Hyderabad and some of them are providing these facilities to the students. Now it is your turn to go for the best courses.


Mar 17, 2022
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