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Reasons To Choose Android App Development As A Career Option

Reasons To Choose Android App Development As A Career Option
Mar 19, 2022

In recent times android aevelopment has gained an amazing momentum and is the most demanded and sought after career option for many youngsters. With the onslaught of robust usage of Android devices, Android development, has gained an upper hand in the IT sector.

Before divulging into the details of career in Android development, a brief glance at what Android is all about, is essential.

Android is an open source operating system for touch mobile phones, smart phones and computer tablets. It was launched in 2007, by Google. Android is the most common platform for mobile development. Each Android APP is unique from the other and requires expertise to develop.

Required technical and Non-technical skills

Now coming to required skills to build a career in Android App development, it is important to have basic knowledge in Java, Android SDK (Software Development Kit), Plug-ins and should be able to work independently on API’s. Apart from the basic knowledge of these technical skills, one requires passion, analytical skills and logic reasoning as well.

Reasons to choose Android App development as a career

Open source platform: This means  that this  open source platform facilitates  developers, a lot of creative  freedom to develop Android Apps with great ease. This also means that one can learn Android, develop an app, and launch it for free without spending anything other than your time and effort.

Good online support: There are numerous Android support communities available online,  that offer excellent online support to developers in creating Android Apps with much ease.  This support platform will give a chance to learn and gain your footing in this field.

Highly remunerative career optionAndroid developers can easily earn high revenue on an average app; and the possibilities are endless, if you come up with something that becomes popular and sells really well.

Opportunities to excel: With rapidly increase in smart phone users across the globe, The demand for Android App Developers is also increasing at a greater pace because businesses want to reach out to their customers, gain visibility, visibility, increase awareness, through Apps. Hence there is ample scope for Android developers to develop user-friendly and excellent Apps and gain recognition.

Career scope

This is an interesting career path to choose, because this platform is used to develop Apps for various sectors from Gaming & entertainment to many business and industrial sectors. All of them require Apps that works efficiently on Mobile devices.

There is no dearth of career opportunities  for an Android developer; you can efficiently work individually or from a company as a coder, programmer, developer, software engineer, mobile UI & UX designer, mobile marketeror as support system staff.

Whichever designation you work for, it is your passion and your efficiency that will make you stand best from the rest.


Android development is scaling high in recent days. Youngsters are getting inclined towards this field, because learning and gaining experience in this field is not only enriching but it is fun as well.

When you opt for a career in android development course, ensure you put in your best efforts in learning and gaining experience in this field. Employers are looking for those candidates who posses time management, communication, and team spirit skills apart from the technical.

Mar 19, 2022
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