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The relevance of Google adwords in online marketing –You need it.

The relevance of Google adwords in online marketing –You need it.
Mar 19, 2022


Google is undoubtedly is the most popular search engine today, an average customer turns to Google for queries on any product service or a review. With this mind it certainly makes sense for webmasters to focus on having their websites achieve a high ranking in the search engine results thus provided . A high ranking for a given website automatically implies higher traffic being driven towards the website.

This being clear where does your website go from here for that elusive page ranking with Google?

Google ad words come into play here- Yes it works.

Before we begin it is important remember the fact that search engine results page is a vital venue for advertisers to promote a product or service through advertisements and links. Google thus has an advertising program in which advertisers can bid on certain “keywords” or sought after words and phrases in content such that they are clicked upon when they appear in Google’s search results.

These are Google’s ad words; now depending on demand and competitiveness of the keywords and its relevance to real conversions for your company, this strategy may or may not work for your business.

However in majority of the instances, Google Ad Words is extremely effective for any business website as long as the right keywords are chosen and woven into attractive ads on the web.

The following are the benefits of Ad words –

• There is hardly an investment to kick start an Adwords campaign with Google- There would be a small sum for creation of an ad words account and thereafter bidding on keywords may begin. Payment would entirely be based on the click received on the ad only.

• You may preset your budget with Google AdWords and accordingly monitor your budget, reducing overspending or getting carried away. A good keyword may be on a bidding high or may even be removed if it does not perform well or generate profits.

• There is high ROI which simply means you need to pay Google per click, now this just suggests that your investment is returned against assured business only. Google AdWords most usually increase click through rates and visits increasing chances of business. Now, working on other aspects such as best converting keywords, effective bidding, and more importantly a fast loading website, these clicks can be converted into profitable business.

• There is complete focus on target traffic as ads are displayed along with a well defined title and description. You will thus receive clicks from audience will end up who will most likely proceed with a further call to action. Target traffic can also be defined as per location and places as well with options that are made available for a specific location thereby increasing visits and conversion.

• Google ad words allow you to run test marketing campaigns means using different types of ads for different keywords without having to pay anything extra. The same goes for having keywords included; after trial and error you may bid high or low according to your judgment of keyword performance.

• You may track your success and take effective measures as and when required, there are options to track performance via various tools and reports that can be used to track performance.

• Google ad words offer specific location targeting for display ads which actually enhances effective use of Google Ad Words as it enables being able to reach browsers at local, national, and international level. Ads can also be customized in the local language so as to make them useful and prominent for a particular location for better impact on the audience.

• Over and above displaying ads, ad words also suggests high-volume keywords for an ad campaign ;High-volume keywords will be those set of keywords that are most sought after in the net prominently in ads, title lines etc description will thereby improve the click rates for these ads.

• Overall user oriented performance is triggered- Users begin to perceive these sites as popular, and therefore are more likely to be convinced on conversion.

Internet marketing campaign for a particular business has become highly focused and narrowed down with respect to the section of audience targeted; Google s ad word program helps you figure out just that crucial aspect. While you may have a terrific idea for a website in terms of design, product or service launched; in the absence of the right marketing strategy your website may still fail in attracting the targeted traffic. Today there are a plethora of internet-marketing tools that are available to help a website marketer to drive traffic to his website, one of the most significant and reliable ones today is Google ad words.

Mar 19, 2022
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