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Source of Passive Income: 10 Digital Marketing Skills to Boost Your Earnings

Source of Passive Income: 10 Digital Marketing Skills to Boost Your Earnings
Mar 10, 2023

Earning money while doing minimal work is a dream for many of us. Can this happen, though? The Covid outbreak opened doors for many individuals to start earning passive income. With Work From Home (WFH) playing a predominant role in our life, many of us began exploring the world of side hustles and freelancing. Digital marketing played a critical role in helping us transition to this side and offering many ways to earn passively. 

Digital marketing is typically used to describe marketing done through social media, blogs, and websites. Master digital marketing, and you will successfully learn to earn passive income. 

With these brilliant passive income ideas, you’ll be one step closer to living your dream life with the money you need to make your dreams come true! 

Let us look at a few ways to start earning passive income from legit sources. 

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the most effective method for converting your website visitors into passive revenue. To earn recurring commissions and payments, you must advertise and sell the products and services of other brands. Shortly, it is predicted that affiliate marketing spending will increase by more than 10%. 

Affiliate marketing, a digital marketing model, works exclusively on revenue sharing. Affiliate marketers sell other business entities’ services or products to earn a commission on their number of sales. From creating a full-fledged website to maintaining blogs, there are several ways to earn passive income with affiliate marketing. You can make as much as you want, from one-time commission models to recurring ones, from anywhere. 

Add value to your readers by providing insightful information and sharing your knowledge via blogging. Many bloggers have gone up tremendously today due to the pandemic, and the immense potential people hold. From fashion bloggers to travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers to SaaS bloggers, there is a huge earning potential and a way to generate passive income. 

Guest blogging is an excellent way to generate passive income by getting your blogs published on leading publications such as Thrive Global, Hackernoon,, Bonobology, etc.  

Even if you maintain a blogging website, the more valuable material engages your readers, the more site traffic you will receive. You begin earning passive money after receiving AdSense clearance for your website content speciality and acquiring recurrent monthly visitors. You may advertise your website as an affiliate in addition to placing online adverts following Adsense approval. As a result, you generate more monthly income from different sources. You may even market your products or services. You can invest in a digital marketing course to understand Adsense better. 

Criteria to YouTube success is the sort of material, how entertaining, appealing, useful, relevant, and appropriate your content is, and whether it delivers value and can address your audience’s problems. You may earn money on YouTube by using Google AdSense, Brand Promotion, promoting your services or business, and many more methods. The YouTube model primarily works on the number of views and engagement you get and the number of subscribers you have. The minimum number of subscribers you need is 1000 to start monetizing it.

These days, freelancing is one of the top-rated careers in digital marketing. The freelancing industry in the US accounts for over 5% of the total US GDP, and that’s huge! 

It is the practice of offering your services to clients part-time from the comfort of your own home. You can create a freelancing career in different fields such as content writing, content marketing, branding, graphic designing, etc., thus giving you the freedom to earn passive income besides doing your regular job. Freelancing portals such as,, and Upwork, along with LinkedIn, allow you to begin a freelancing career anytime, from anywhere. 

You no longer need to have your books published physically to sell them. Instead, you can create short eBooks and sell them online on different platforms. Today, with everything becoming digital, you have the opportunity to write a book and self-publish it on various online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, GoodReads, etc. You can add value to your readers by providing them with value-based writing and quality information in any niche. It is another excellent way to earn passive income and explore what you love doing the most. 

Create Online Courses
In recent years, online learning has been on the rise, especially since the Covid-19 outbreak. If any individual looking to adapt a new skill is likely to purchase online courses. Online courses are the most effective ways to give your audience the knowledge they seek. 

After you’ve created your course, you may establish a website to promote it. It will also help you with personal branding and boost your online course sales. You can translate your course into live workshops, webinars, or online classes to give your readers a personal touch. Marketplaces such as Udemy, Coursera, etc., are places you can teach and sell online courses, thus boosting your passive income and helping you achieve your dreams. 

Podcasts engage your audience and connect with them in a personalized and interactive way. With the number of audio listeners on the rise, podcasts provide a great way to provide helpful information to comic relief to different readers. This year, monthly podcast listeners worldwide will increase by 15.5 per cent. 

Platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple, etc., are great places to start your podcast and increase your listenership. After gaining traction and growing your audience, you can monetize it by selling merchandise, collaborating with other industry experts, sponsorships, etc., to start earning passive income. While it does not happen overnight, you will have to have the patience to start making a steady revenue stream from podcasts.  

Logo Designing
Another lucrative and evergreen source of passive income in a digital marketing career is logo designing. If you’re good at designs, this might be the best fit for you. Create unique logo designs using apps like Canva, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, etc., for clients globally. Logos are personalized interpretations of your company, business, or personal brand and become memorable with the correct use of colours and designs. 

Offer visuals, graphics, and logos to even new start-up organizations who want ready-made brand visuals designs. 

 eCommerce Store
Start an e-Commerce site to sell things you love and are passionate about. Today, there are various eCommerce sites selling artworks, handicrafts, textiles, home decor items, etc., by leveraging the power of social media and digital marketing. It is far easier to connect with the audience and fuel your passion without spending too much on ads. 

Mobile Application
Create a mobile application for your users as a freelancer. You can collaborate with companies to create customized mobile applications or create one independently. Create recurring passive revenue from your mobile application by developing it as a freemium model and monetizing it with online sponsored adverts for the app’s free version or getting compensated for premium version sales. 


Digital marketing is the present and future of work in almost every sphere of our lives. Earning a passive income is easier today than it was ten years ago, and all this is because of the power of digital marketing and online presence. From creating websites to selling courses, there is no shortage of the massive potential you can earn online from various sources. 

If you have been waiting to take that first step, we hope you have got a lead to start and execute your learnings and aspirations in the right way. Learn more about digital marketing course and their techniques right here!

Mar 10, 2023
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