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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India For Freshers at Entry-Level

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India For Freshers at Entry-Level
Mar 19, 2022

Every year many students pass out from various colleges and universities in India. They aim to get jobs that pay well. As per data, 2 crore students pass out from various streams of Arts, Commerce, and Science every year.

There are a lot of well-curated professions today. They offer high job security, a great reputation and many perks associated with the job.

We have profiled some of the best high paying careers in India that you can think about pursuing.

1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence has made life much easier for everyone today. It imitates human intelligence in the closest way possible. Today they are one of the best paying jobs in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Career- Career growth for AI Engineers differs as per the organization. They can be a Senior Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Solutions Architect, etc.

Salaries- AI Engineers have high salary packages in the industry. This is because of the unique design challenges that they resolve every day. Freshers thinking of pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence can benefit a lot.

The typical salary for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineers starts from Rs. 8 lakhs per annum in India.

Eligibility- Entry-level positions need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. Health informatics, graphic design, engineering or information technology, are also streams to pursue.

Course and Training– Professional AI training will help students to strengthen their skills. The course module will include Applied Maths, algorithms, learning programming languages, coding, etc.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are experts who use their skills to extract data. This can be from technology or social science to find trends to integrate it into a business. The major aspect of your job is to render a structure to the data analyzed.

Data Scientist

Career– It is one of the highest paying jobs in India. Data Scientist is a Mathematician, Statistician, Data Analyst or Data Programmer. They can be Chief Data Scientists, Data Consultants, Chief Data Analysts and much more.

SalariesData Scientists at entry-level are said to draw high salary packages that start from a minimum of Rs. 6.6 lakhs per annum on an average.

Eligibility– A Masters’ Degree in Computer Engineering or Mathematics/ AI or Machine Learning. It is preferable to pursue a Master’s program after completing an Engineering degree.

Course and Training– There is much training that you can undertake. It includes big data and analytics, SAS programming and advanced statistics. These are skills that are beneficial to be a part of high paying careers in India.

3. Digital Marketing Professional

You are quite familiar with different social media terms. This includes Hashtags, Social media marketing, link building, and SEO. Creating strong brand recognition is a key aspect of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Professional

It is one of the most popular and best-paying jobs in India. Digital Marketing forms the core of all businesses in today’s time. Students can learn many skills while trying to make a career in digital marketing.

Career– A wide career opportunity awaits people looking at pursuing digital marketing. Positions- Digital marketing executive, SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Associate, Digital Marketing Analyst, etc.

Salaries-Noted as one of the best jobs in India, Digital Marketing average salary begins at 3 lakhs per annum. It may differ depending on the company and the profile that one needs to take care of.

Eligibility– You can be from any stream to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. But, it is best to complete your graduation to make your future more promising. You can specialize in digital marketing or media marketing.

Course and Training

There are many courses that you can choose in digital marketing.

Google Adwords(Ads) specialization, Google Analytics certification, Email marketing or Web Analytics; Social Media Marketing and Display Advertising.

These are some of the most popular courses that you should think about taking up during, or post, your degree.

You can pursue certifications from different institutes for the best jobs in India.

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4. Full Stack Developer and Software Developer

Have a knack for front-end and back-end development? You can definitely make a mark for yourself as a Full Stack Developer and a Software developer in India. Great hold on different development modules can land you with one of the top paying jobs in the industry.

Full Stack Developer and Software Developer

Career– You can begin your career as a Full Stack Developer in Software development firms. You can further climb the corporate ladder over a period of time. Sr. Software Engineer or developer, Android Developer, Team Leader and much more.

Salary– On average, a Full Stack Developer or Software Developer draws a salary of Rs. 6.05 lakhs per annum in India. This can increase to 10L at a mid-level and over Rs. 16 L for senior levels. This is an indicative figure and does not apply to all companies in the country. It will differ from company to company.

Eligibility– TA Full Stack Developer and Software Developer needs to be a Graduate. You can pursue B.Tech or B.E. in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Complete your Master’s program as well, to get high paying jobs in India.

Courses and training

There are a number of courses that you can and should add to your skill. This can include –

  • A detailed study of programming languages,
  • Data visualization certificates (SaaS, D3, React),
  • Back-end development certificate (Git, NodeJS+Express, MongoDB),
  • Front-end development certifications (CSS, Responsive Design, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript), among others.

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5. Mobile App Developers

this is a very lucrative career option. Mobile applications are a must-have for every organization. Consumers are looking at better-developed applications every day. Mobile App Developers need to build high-speed and compatible mobile applications for –

  • Googles Android
  • Microsoft’s Windows platform
  • Apple’s iOS

Mobile App Developers

Career– As a Mobile App Developer, you can begin your career as a Software Developer. You can also be an Android Developer, Mobile Software Engineer or iOS application developer. OR Sr. Mobile App Developer, iOS Architect, Software Architect, etc.

Salaries– Considered as one of the top-paying jobs in India, a Mobile App Developer at an entry-level draws a salary of 5 lakhs per annum, to begin with, on an average. This can vary with the company and the qualifications the person carries.

Courses and Training

Students can also undertake different courses. This can include –

  • Programming languages like Java, C++, Objective C, C#, PHP, etc.
  • Development environment training in Eclipse, Xcode, Visual Studio 2010, etc.

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6. Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, you get to work on a variety of specifics. Advertising to magazines, computer games to product packaging, exhibitions, corporate communications, etc.

Graphic Designers

The opportunities are exhaustive. A graphic designer needs a creative bent of mind and innovation to stay ahead in this industry. This is one of the reasons that it is one of the top paying jobs in India


There are many designations one can have as a Graphic Designer. These include-

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Creative designer
  • Logo designer, Web designer
  • Photo editing or Photoshop artist and much more

A mid and senior-level position can include –

  • Creative head
  • Brand Identity Lead,
  • Art director,
  • Graphic Designing specialist, etc.

Designations are company driven but it will revolve around these in most of the cases.

Salaries– One of the best paying jobs today, Graphic Designers at the entry-level can begin with a salary of nearly 3 lakhs per annum. This will increase depending on the industry you choose to work with. It can be in a corporate as a corporate communication or designer position or in the advertising field; whatever you choose you are sure to excel in this position.

Eligibility- Graphic designing degree or a technical degree with designing. Masters’ program will boost your career proposition

Courses or training

There is a lot of training that you can think of undertaking to excel as a graphic designer. This includes-

  • Photoshop certifications,
  • Animation and VFX short course,
  • Illustration course,
  • Adobe InDesign, etc.

7. AWS – Amazon Web Services Engineer

Amazon Web Service needs thoroughness in cloud computing on Amazon. They have to be adept at building and deploying any type of application on the cloud.

Amazon Web Services Engineer (1)

There is a number of domains or a combination of them that students can master. Such as –

  • Storage and Compute,
  • Migration and Database,
  • Network and content delivery,
  • Security and identity compliance,
  • Management tools, etc.


As an AWS Engineer, you are heading into one of the best paying jobs in India today. You can join as an-

  • AWS Cloud Engineer,
  • Cloud Software Engineer,
  • Cloud Developer,
  • SysOps Administrator,
  • AWS Networking specialist, etc.

It will further progress to-

  • Cloud Architect or an AWS Cloud Architect,
  • Solution Architect or Key Account Manager,
  • AWS DevOps Engineer, etc.

SalariesIn India, on an average, an AWS Engineer at entry-level will draw nearly Rs. 8 lakhs per annum. and can go on to increase handsomely as you specialize in different sections of the cloud service.


  • An AWS Engineer needs to have a Bachelors’s degree in Engineering or Computer Engineering or Computer Science or any other related technical field.
  • A Masters’s program is always worthwhile to invest in to speed up a career graph.

Course and training-

There is a number of courses that you can pursue to become an AWS engineer. They include-

DevOps training, AWS certified Security specialty, Cloud solutions, SysOps training, amongst others.

Get in touch with the best training center to enroll for a successful coaching program in AWS.

8. Doctors

This field needs no introduction. It is still considered as one of the high paying careers in India. There are many streams of specialty that you can choose from to enhance your career.

Right from Dentistry to Gynaecology, Orthopaedics to Neurologist, Cardiologist and much more.

You can choose to pursue Homeopathy or Allopathy or Unani medicine and even Ayurveda, in India.


Career– There are a variety of career options after you become a doctor. You can work at a hospital or start your own practice.

Salary- It is hard to pinpoint an exact figure that you can draw after completing your medical degree. But a general physician or general doctor can start his / her salary from Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. This can vary depending on the type of institution you choose to work for and the specialization that you carry.

Eligibility- You need to be an MBBS i.e. Bachelor in Medicine or Bachelor in Surgery.

Dentists need to complete BDS i.e. Bachelor in Dental Science;

Homeopathy needs a BHMS degree (Bachelor in Homeopathy Science)

You can pursue an MD to improve your chances of earning much better. This will help you to get the top paying jobs in India.

Courses and Training-

The courses and training depend on the type of degree you carry.

You can choose to pursue a Diploma program in Healthcare Sciences or National Board, Clinical research, Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences, etc.

9. Chartered Accountants

Students who choose to become CA’s have to undergo a rigorous study routine. This involves a complete and in-depth understanding of Business Law, Accounts, Economics and Maths.

Chartered Accountants

Career- As a CA, you can choose to work in a reputed multinational or open your own firm or even work in a CA firm. There are a lot of exposures that students can gain by opting to become CA’s.

SalariesThe average salary of a CA in India starts from Rs. 7.7 lakhs per annum and can go up really high because of its demand in the market. It is definitely regarded as the top-paying jobs in the country.

Eligibility– Students can choose to begin their CA studies after 12th, which will last for 4 years in total. There are three levels that students need to clear i.e. CPT, IPCC, and Final.

If you do not clear the final round in the 1st attempt, there is always time to clear it in the next attempt or attempts.

It does not lower the prospects for students beginning at an entry-level.

Course and training-

Students can choose to pursue courses post CA, such as –

  • CS (Company Secretary)
  • CISA (Certified Information System Auditor)
  • CMA (Cost Accountants)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • ACCA or CIMA

10. Commercial Pilot

You need to be mentally agile to become an Aircraft Pilot. To become an aircraft pilot requires dedication and undeterred attention to detail. This makes it one of the highest salary jobs in the country. You need to be good at Maths, Science and English to become a Commercial Pilot.

Commercial Pilot

Career- You start your career as a co-pilot and move on to become a captain. You can work for different airlines in India as well as Abroad.

SalariesThe entry-level salary of a commercial pilot on an average is Rs. 19 lakhs per annum in India. This can vary depending on the airline that you work for or the additional skillset that you carry.


To become an Aircraft Pilot you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field. You also need to complete a Commercial Pilots license to be eligible to drive an aircraft.

It is an added advantage to have a Bachelors’ Degree in- Aircraft Operations or Aviation or Aeronautical Engineering.

Course and training

Additionally, you can choose to pursue different courses such as-

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering,
  • Ground Staff and Cabin Crew training,
  • Diploma in airport management, aviation hospitality, etc.

How Can Freshers Kickstart Their High Paying Career in India?

Freshers can choose to pursue many courses from specialized institutions in the country. There are many colleges and institutions that students can connect. This will further their study prospects.

The first thing that you need to decide is the type of career that you want for yourself. It is a great opportunity for you to consult with career counselors. You may speak with alumni as well to understand their point of view. This will give you a fair idea about certain highest paying careers in India.


As an entry-level professional, you can aspire to get the highest paying jobs in the country. With a ready list of top ten jobs in India, you have a fair idea about the type of career you may want to pursue.

Ace Web Academy hopes to let you know the different job opportunities present today. We wish all entry-level aspirants to get the best career graph charted for themselves.

(Note- All salary data is from It is indicator about the average compensation in the industry)

Mar 19, 2022
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