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Top 10 Most Important Features Of HTML5

Top 10 Most Important Features Of HTML5
Mar 19, 2022

HTML 5 is the latest version of markup languages released to solve the problem of compatibility that will impact the current standard of HTML 4. This newest update is backward compatible and easy to adopt. Additionally, it is introduced to support features that many sites need today. 

HTML is a markup language used to organize and show content on the internet. New technology brings new features and methods, and HTML is nothing different. 

This blog has gathered the ten best features of this markup language that help you make the most of it. 

Video and Audio Features

New HTML 5 has new additions: audio and video tags. This helps the developer to include video and audio files in their pages. In the video element, the HTML may be styled using CSS. The borders, opacity, gradients, transformations, animations, and reflections may be changed. Now also, YouTube declares video embedding code in their videos and other websites. HTML 5 also launched a new audio tag that embeds an audio file into a web page. 

 Figure and Figcaption

While providing a caption, there is no way to add a figure in a file. But now, it is semantically possible to add an image in the file with its description. 

<figure> <img src=”image/image-1.jpg” alt=”About ADMEC” / <figcaption> <p>This is our institute </p> </figcaption </figure>

 Enables To Edit Content Easily

Various new browsers include a new element called contenteditable, enabling the user to edit the content within the component. With these features, users can instruct the browser to add, edit, and delete the content on your web page. However, various techniques allow the users to customize your page crop out each time you scroll. You are required to add:

<ul contenteditable=true>


It is a type of hint text that appears when unfocused in the form field. Before it, the developers are using JavaScript to create a placeholder for textboxes. But now, the developers are not required to use JS because HTML 5 brings the placeholder attribute that will show in the text in the field until the filling is focused and stashes the text. 

<input name=”email” type=”email” placeholder=”” />

Support Dynamic Pages

Nowadays, dynamic and interactive websites are in demand. By following various aspects, users can give the website a dynamic feel:

  • Meter – It shows how much space is still available in the storage.
  • Mark – It captures the attention that has been marked.
  • Progress Bar enables you to detect the task’s progress assigned to you.
  • Time – Used to display current time and date on the website.

 Local Storage

Web application data is stored within the user browser in HTML local storage. Before that, this data is stored in cookies and added to every server request. But now, the problem is resolved because local storage enables the facility to store a large amount of data locally and even without affecting the website’s performance. 

Easy Semantic Elements

The developer uses HTML code to symbolize navigation, header, and footer in many websites. But this process is quite tricky.

HTML5 provides the developers with new and easy to memorize semantic elements to categorize different sections in a web page. Like this:





<article>, and many more.


Canvas is a highly durable rectangular that enables drawing circles, lines, boxes, and other graphics. Moreover, the new HTML5 supports this element.

<canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”100 height=”50></canvas>

Flexibility With Quotation Marks 

If you are writing elements in HTML5, it is totally up to use quotation marks to define those values. It depends on you if you want to close features with quotes or not.

<p class=myClass id=someId> Start the reactor.

But this condition is not always applied, as you can’t eliminate quotes from attributed values. If you want to use a more structured document, you have to use quotes. Hence you should carefully use attributes in HTML5. 


Since its inception, HTML5 has played a significant role in providing the most attractive accessibility feature to the website. With its usage, the function of the website is streamlined. Those handicapped, have color blindness, have poor vision, and many other disabilities may create a website with HTML5 accessibility features. 


HTML5 is the latest and most advanced web technology that takes the web industry by storm. However, this is the list of the best features of HTML5 that will be highly beneficial for your business. 

Mar 19, 2022
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