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Top 5 Coding Skills to Learn Online During Coronavirus (COVID19) Lockdown

Top 5 Coding Skills to Learn Online During Coronavirus (COVID19) Lockdown
Mar 19, 2022

Coronavirus (COVID19) Lockdown and  IT professional’s career

The sudden upsurge of the Corona pandemic has left the people throughout the world under home quarantine. While some people are taking a break from the busy lifestyles they were previously struck with, some are utilizing this free time to do something different. All of us have had aspirations we could not proceed and dreams we could not follow due to the mechanical lives we got ourselves into. This indefinite period of lockdown can be used by many of us to learn new skillsets, maybe languages, subjects, coding languages, art, etc.

Top 5 Coding Skills to Learn in Covid19 Lock Down

Coding languages are very new and very popular for millennials. One major reason for this is that the popularization and accommodation of domestic computers started majorly with generations. Thus, we are all accustomed to basic foundations of programming from school level and this coronavirus (COVID19) Lockdown is an excellent opportunity to refurnish your talent of coding and programming.

The Top 5 Coding Languages to Learn Online During COVID19 Lockdown:

1. Java Programming

According to many reputed surveys, Java Programming is one of the top-rated languages in the world. It is sought by software developers, computer engineers, learning Java Programming will offer you the in-demand skill, and you can raise your level of competence in the future. If you are planning to become a software developer, then learning Java Programming can do wonders at this hour. There is no other chance where you can get time to upskill your career graph. It’s now or never because the competition is going to multiply in the coming market.

When you are learning Java Programming, try to get your hands on some of the relevant courses. Add-ons can help a lot when it comes to promotion and team-leading. Compared to many other languages, Java is very easy to use, compile, write, and debug. The simplicity increases with its global usage. Currently, Java is leading the back-end market for Android. Therefore, you can see learning Java can open many possibilities to work in the Android field as technology and automation will rule in the coming decades.

2. Python or PHP

Python is a high-level programming language which supports multiple programming paradigms. In the lockdown season, it is very evident that time is the only thing that you have for yourself. Utilize it by learning the Python language. All the coding ninjas out there take this period as a challenge and learn as much as you can. Demands will increase when the market reopens for business, the world will move towards automation, so make the most out of it now.


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The same goes for PHP also. In today’s date, it is your abilities, enthusiasm for learning, and desire which makes all the difference along with the right guidance. When it comes to PHP, it is one of the highly utilized server-side scripting languages all around the globe. Are you looking for a career in website building? Nothing can beat the knowledge of PHP to date.

3. Dotnet Programming

Seeking excellent job opportunities requires excellent knowledge in your desired field. As we all know technology has become the most promising sector for career development. Among many such aspects, Dot Net is one such language that enhances career growth prospects to a great extent. The fundamental requirement to grow into a .NET developer is to take guidance from a reputed and well-established institute. With the aid of Dot Net students can develop XML web applications including web services that are competent to run on the internet. Anyone can come from a setting related to computers such as B.E, M.C.A, etc.

It’s the time when many freshers and mid-level professionals become a target for coding professionals. Many companies typically consider the long-term course as upskill, but the new world will also recognize online courses in a similar benchmark.

4. Front end development

It is also known as client-side development whereby coders produce HTML, Javascript, and CSS for developing web applications. If there is one thing these coders have in common, that is highly technical problem-solving skills. From implementing a design to fixing bugs, front end developers have a great set of skills and abilities to make it through any commercial and complex project. If you are one of them, then don’t waste your quarantine days by sitting idle. Join the front-end development course and uplift your career to the next level.

Front end developers have a different set of abilities that makes them different from the crowd. Are you interested to make your way in the in-demand field? Then the right online course will definitely proffer you in the appropriate direction. Front end development online courses help students and professionals figure out and mend careers respectively. Without going out of the house, you can upskill yourself and get the best jobs in the market.

5. GO

Are you interested to learn the GO Programming language? You have landed on the right page. As you know, GO is an open-source language by Google. It is also one of the fastest-growing languages today. The lockdown period is the best time to pick up new languages and learn sets to enhance your professional attributes. This can extensively increase your chances of being hired by any technology-driven company.

The Takeaway:

Many times, you might be tempted to sign up for courses but backed out, do not make this mistake now. You will not ever get the time like this to ever learn something that will fetch you fortune the whole life. Many of the programs contribute user surveys that help to gauge other learners’ satisfaction and comfort with the course, but nothing can beat the satisfaction of working for you. It is essential to choose any programming course that suits your level of difficulty and is engaging enough to occupy your mind for having a productive period. Choose a course that determines your goal and do not let the initial enthusiasm evaporate easily.

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Mar 19, 2022
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