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Top 5 Essential Skills that every Android Developer must have in 2022

Top 5 Essential Skills that every Android Developer must have in  2022
Mar 19, 2022

Mobiles and smartphones have become an inherent part of our lives. Android app development is evolving rapidly each day with multiple updated versions and new technologies to build maintainable apps.  There are various Android tutorials available online to help you become a better developer. Hone your skills with the right training and industry exposure. The Android developer has been major contributors in developing innovative apps every day. As per statistics, Android apps rule the roost with more than 80% market share.

Top Benefits of Android App Development:

  • Cost effective: Android is a Linux based open source software that does not require any license fees and is free of cost. An Android operating system was developed by Google and is widely used in numerous mobile devices. The free modification and simple standard development kit make it easy to use and cost-effective.
  • Graphics: Create excellent 2D and 3D graphics on Android to make it more attractive to use.
  • Integration: Being open source platform it supports all inter-application integration.
  • Top skills: Besides Java programming, Android developers need not know any additional top skills.

Key challenges of android app development:

  • User Interface: Google till date hasn’t introduced a common UI to be followed diligently. Manufacturers produce their own UI to develop applications.
  • Security: Absence of proper procedures in software defragmentation makes it more prone to malware attacks.
  • API: Multi-platform IDE and SDK does not all Android id developers to use a single API across an array of versions.
  • Patent: There is no set method of quality checks on android for uploading apps. Anyone can upload any application on Google Play Store without any restriction.

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5 essentials skills for Android app development:

  • Java: The main language that you need to know for Android development. Having considerable coding experience in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. makes it easier to write flawless codes for android.
    Developers have to be quite attentive with their code, describing the types of information their applications plan to work with and more judiciously allotting limited memory resources.
  • XML: A structured markup language that shares a lot of similarity to HTML. It allows a seamless flow of information between devices that can be understood easily.
    Developers utilize XML to create intriguing layouts that form the basis of UI definition for all Android applications.
  • APIs: As a seasoned Android developer, you will most probably want to network with other devices. Many companies offer their own custom APIs; however, you have to get comfortable with diverse APIs, to identify that no two APIs are similar.
  • Material Design: With evolving technology, Android has introduced certain futuristic interface guidelines and criteria called material design. These criterions include tips for how to layer several features on the screen and use explicit styles.
    Material Design helps to use and create essential elements such as transitions, surfaces, graphics in your app, across many form factors.
  • Android Studio: Android developer’s choice of IDE (integrated development studio) is called Android Studio. It makes it absolutely seamless for android application development on any interface.
    Android Studio is built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software that is specially designed for Android development.
    It is imperative to know the working of the android studio since it supports all programming languages of PyCharm i.e. Kotlin and Python as well as IntelliJ.

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Bonus Skills:

If you are looking at becoming a full-fledged android developer you may also want to brush up with additional back-end technology skills such as-.NET, Django, Rails, NodeJS, etc. It becomes easier to get familiar with the design of a system and the language syntax.

Git may not be a required skill but is good to know since it helps you in understanding version control systems and managing a bunch of merge conflicts. Whether you are working in a team or alone, it is good to know this to have better control over your design.

Acewebacademy (AWA) is an Android Training Institute in Hyderabad that specializes in android app development course for all levels. We provide comprehensive android mobile app training on all aspects of Android development that will benefit you to become a better developer and handle all complexities of this amazing platform.

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With integrated mobile application training in Hyderabad, you get to explore all avenues of mobile app development in multiple companies.

What are the salient features of AWA? 

Mobile application training in Hyderabad
  • A comprehensive android tutorial that will help you to become a better developer.
  • How to create an app in android- All distinctive features to create an app in android flawlessly.
  • Android app development course: Covers all detailed aspects of android app development along with latest technology upgrades and markup languages being introduced.

As a trainee, you are bound to have certain basic questions about the training course. We will try to address your concerns and queries in the most structured way possible.

  1. Can I learn Android Application development on my own?

A. Yes, it is possible to learn android application development on your own. If you have strong programming and learning skills, Acewebacademy (AWA) can help you to learn on live projects with mentorship from industry experts.

2. As an Android developer, what more should I study to get a high package?

A. There are a few must-have skills to become a full-fledged Android development. Good working experience on SQL, Java, Android Studio, XML as well as Ruby and  JavaScript are good to have. At our Android training institute in Hyderabad, AWA takes you through a comprehensive android tutorial and detailed course structure to accentuate your skills as a developer.

3. What is the duration of an android app development course?

A. An android app development course can last from anywhere between 3 months to 6 months. Classes are typically held 2 to 3 hours depending on the type of course you choose.

4. What are the course details?

A. During this time, we will cover all aspects related to application development like basics of Java; object-oriented programming with Java, UI/UX for mobile development, testing Android applications, developing applications, project & technology upgrades.

5. What are the job opportunities after completion of this course?

A. After completion of full-fledged android app development training, there are many companies, especially start-ups that offer really handsome packages to Android developers.

6. What is the average salary of android developers?

A. Fresher Android developers in India get an average salary of Rs. 400,000 p.a. to begin with.

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Mar 19, 2022
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