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What Is The Best Way To Learn Android App Development?

What Is The Best Way To Learn Android App Development?
Mar 19, 2022

In May of 2012, it was estimated that Android comprised of 56% market share as compared to other operating systems and the trend has not settled yet, it is on consistent rise. As android app development has gained immense momentum and so has the need for an android app developer.

The importance of mobile phones goes ways beyond our ability to receive or make phone calls. From shopping to banking, every necessity is within reach by just one touch. Mobile phones have almost changed the scenario of how humans function, thanks to the amazing apps available in the market. Moreover, even businesses are creating their own apps to ensure a better reach to their customers.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is a combination of various procedures and processes which are used in making software for wireless and minute computing devices like smartphones or tablets. Mobile app development is growing at an excessive rate as the importance of mobile phones is rising on a daily basis. As per statistics of 2018, Android users are able to install apps from a total of 2.1 Million. There are a plethora of important apps for android which users can avail to make their lives easier. Few examples are banking apps, shopping apps, cab booking apps, business apps and many more!

Types of Mobile Applications

A mobile app is basically a software program that users can install in their mobile phones and can use them to perform certain tasks specific to the app. There are essentially 3 types of mobile apps- Native applications, Hybrid applications, and Web applications.

Native applications

Native applications are the first type of mobile application which is developed to make use of on a specific device or platform. Native applications are written for a particular operating system, that implies, certain coded are written for every operating system be it Android, IOS or Windows.

Web Application

Web App or Web Application is run by a client on a web browser. It is a software application which is basically client-server based. The web application is transported over the internet via a web browser interface and is stored on a remote server as well.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications, as its name says is a hybrid of both native and web applications. You can find nuances of both the application in the hybrid applications. They are developed using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and then encapsulated into a native application using various platforms, for example, Cordova.

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What are the Advantages of Android App Development

Android is an incredible operating system which not only has a simple mobile app development process but also boasts a massive user base and is open source.

Advantages of Android App Development are many especially when there is robust offering in various new smartphones. The benefits of mobile apps for business are at an all-time rise, thereby increasing their revenues.

The higher rate of return and lower investment: As compared to other operating systems there is a relatively lower barrier to enter. As a matter of fact, the Android community provides mobile app developers an SDK or Software Development Kit which in turn reduces the licensing and development costs

Open Source: The android community offers open-source advantage from licensing, best technology framework which is also royalty-free.

Highly Adjustable: In comparison to other operating systems, Android apps can be altered with ease to suit various business needs.

Cross-stage: It bears a resemblance to the pattern now for an entity to create apps which can seamlessly and effortlessly work on a few platforms like Android, iOS et cetera.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends For 2018

In recent years, the smartphone has become an extension of our very being. Latest trends showcase that 3 billion people globally own a smartphone. If we go a little deeper, it can be observed that a young person aged between 22-30 year uses a smartphone approximately 265 times a day. As Mobile app development technologies are constantly emerging, mobile application development trends are on a boom as well.  Let’s discuss some of the latest trends.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence in the development of mobile apps is set to cater organizations some of the amazing and mouth-watering insight via cognitive interfaces, advanced analytics, to machine learning tech and complex systems.

Mobile payments

Recently in the year 2018, Google bought about basic mobile payment system with its latest Pay service. Pay is basically an app — an app that includes Google Wallet and Android Pay under a single umbrella.


Airbnb and Netflix are classic examples of personalization. These keep an eye on what are your preferences, what kind of trips you take and where you love going, the movies you love watching and what you search on their platform. By taking all the relevant information, they modify content as per your behavior to present you a targeted and personalized experience.

Focus on app security

As per reports, forecasted that 75-80 percent of the apps available in the market would not pass the very basic security test which sounds really bad. Security is fetching the most important frontier for mobile app developers in terms of the amount of personal data and confidential information many apps require.

How to Start Learning Android App Development

Apps are awesome to learn and, for a beginner, we have picked some easy ways to ensure you learn it quickly. Here are few of them to keep in mind while learning android app development:

  • Java programming becomes very crucial to learn as one for the basics, especially for the beginners.
  • To comprehend the concepts of Android, you have to learn the XML language and advisable that should be done from the Best Android training institute in Hyderabad.
  • Patience and perseverance have to be maintained since an app making is not a task that can be covered overnight.
  • Stay up-to-date with the recent trends to integrate into your app and achieve better heights as a developer

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Mar 19, 2022
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