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9 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Jobs & Skills in Demand[You Can’t Miss]

9 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Jobs & Skills in Demand[You Can’t Miss]
Mar 19, 2022

There is no denying the fact that digital marketing is currently an extremely lucrative industry of the modern world we all are living in.

If you only have a laptop or a computer along with a strong internet connection, there is not really going to be any limit to the things that you will be capable of accomplishing.

Also, making money has never been easier, before. You have the capability of reaching millions of people within seconds.

Digital marketing professionals are trying their best to master various aspects, which are associated with digital marketing. And, the reason behind this is that digital marketing is undoubtedly a high demand.

If a brand is interested in growing the business in an efficient and drastic manner, digital marketing is definitely the way to go.

Digital marketing basically means marketing by taking the assistance of the various digital channels, which include, the applications, blogs, social media platforms, emails, and websites.

It is responsible for aiding the connection of the audience, generates effective leads, and most importantly, helps in generating revenue.

With the help of digital marketing, you can expand your customer base, target your potential customers, create reliable branding, and maintain a great presence in social media.

It is crucial that you have a fair knowledge about the Top 9 digital marketing skill sets demand in 2019 so that you can allow your business to progress forward.

Read on to know about the Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs & Skills.

1. SEO Analyst/Specialist

It is not a surprise that Search Engine Optimisation is definitely the most important skill, which is going to top this list of skills. Some people think that SEO is completely dead, but it is definitely not the truth at all.

If we look at the present scenario, SEO is even more important currently. The SEO Experts have immensely important roles to play within each and every organization.

Search Engine Optimization skills definitely help in improving the overall visibility and searchability of the websites, but it is important for numerous other reasons as well.


SEO helps in building credibility and trust:

The objective of the experienced and qualified SEO experts is to try and establish an extremely strong foundation for a particular business website, with an effective and clean user experience, which can be discovered easily.

Proper Search Engine Optimisation equals ideal user experience:

Each and every brand requires maximum visibility as well as an organic ranking. Most of them do not consider the optimal experience of the users.

Google has started interpreting both the favorable and unfavorable user experience, and hence it is extremely important to take care of the success of the website by enhancing the experience of the users.

Quality SEO is responsible for incorporating the best possible user experience and hence leverages it towards the brand.

Before you are stepping into the shoes of an SEO expert, you need to Learn SEO Course and the various roles and responsibilities that they have.

  • An SEO expert has knowledge about the two different Optimisation levels, which includes the off page as well as the on-page Optimisation.
  • He is capable of analyzing the goal of the client and designing the marketing plan in details.
  • He needs to work within a proper budget that has been allotted by the client.

The prime role of each and every SEO expert is to manage the various marketing activities and guiding the content development team to produce contents that are SEO friendly.

Average Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst Salary
You need to have an idea about the SEO Analyst Skills if you are interested in the SEO executive jobs after you have completed your studies.

SEO Analyst has emerged as the highest-paying skill sets in Digital Marketing is around 45k in the multinational companies and 20k for the various other corporates.

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2. Social Media Expert/Specialist

If you have just completed your studies, it is definitely a good idea to learn social media marketing skills. Social media is definitely a powerful tool if the modern world of marketing is considered.

Over the last year, social media has managed to grow extremely fast and it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

It has been observed that almost one-third of the total population are using one or the other kind of social networking platform.

Social Media Trends

  • Social media platforms have been responsible for helping organizations in a number of ways.
  • Social media helps in spreading the word about your business.
    It is extremely cost effective.
  • You will be able to locate your target audience easily.
  • Social media is capable of reaching various demographics and ages. If you are interested in becoming a Social Media Analyst Future, you need to know about the roles and responsibilities of social media analysts.
  • They are responsible for maintaining the presence of companies on social networking sites.
  • They help in increasing the exposure of the companies.
  • They help in generating brand awareness.

Average Social Media Specialist Salary

Most of the students have a question as to how much social media analysts make? They can start from 25k per month and with experience, they may start getting 50-60k per month.

3. PPC Specialist/Manager

Another important skill that is being high demanded greatly is PPC marketing. Numerous businesses have been successful in generating a high amount of revenue with the help of paid advertising.

The only problem that they face is that they do not have a proper idea as to how they can allocate the money, in order to ensure that it is capable of generating a high return on investment.

This is exactly where PPC marketing is responsible for stepping in and the role of the PPC Specialist starts.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

PPC helps organizations in the following ways.

  • The businesses are going to get fast and measurable results.
  • They can reach the appropriate audience.
  • They help in building the recognition of the brands.

If you want to Learn PPC  Course Training, you need to know about the roles and responsibilities that are associated. Given below is a list of the responsibilities of the Pay per click manager.

  • He needs to plan and foresee the PPC campaigns for making data-driven decisions.
  • He is responsible for understanding, managing, and supporting various initiatives, which are responsible for contributing to the success and goals of the client campaigns.

The PPC manager salary is dependent on the experience that the individual has garnered on this particular field.

This role offering some of the highest salaries in Digital Marketing so, you can start with 20K to 25K and it can go up to 40K every month. You can get various articles on the internet on how to become a PPC Specialist.

4. Ad Campaign Manager

There is no denying the fact that advertising is definitely one of the most important roles for placing a particular product within the market and making the potential customers aware of the product.

In order to increase the awareness of the products, it is crucial that the manufacturers launch the advertisement campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation is known to play a huge role in the advertisement campaigns.

If you are interested in knowing why an advertisement campaign is important, you need to know that it helps in placing the products in front of potential customers.

Students who are interested in becoming a Google Ads Campaign Manager require certifications from the various reputed universities.

A particular campaign manager is responsible for managing the implementation of the marketing campaigns, working within the stipulated budget, and delivers regular reports of the results of the advertisement campaign.

Students can also become the Linkedin Campaign manager, and manage the various ad campaigns.

You can also Learn facebook ads, which will help in ensuring that your pay scale increases. The annual salary of the ad campaign manager is almost 5 lacs.

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5. Email Marketing Specialist

If your email list is large and you have a proper idea as to how you can leverage this huge list, it is obvious that you will be able to make huge amounts of money without having to work hard.

This is why students can opt for a career in email marketing. They need to know about the various Email marketing tools so that it becomes easier for them to proceed.

Having Email marketing skills is important as it is much more effective in comparison to social media marketing, especially for acquiring customers. It is cost-effective and economical for a particular organization.

You will also have the option of customizing and personalizing everything according to your convenience.

Moreover, the results that you are going to get are also going to be measurable. Choosing Best email marketing platforms is crucial in order to get the desired results.

Email marketer also a highly paid digital marketing positions in the world, it is important that you have an idea about the roles and responsibilities that you are going to have.

You need to identify your target audience and grow the email list. You have to proofread the emails and check the spelling and grammar errors. You need to ensure templates that are mobile-friendly.

An ideal Email marketing strategy will ensure that the organization is moving towards success.

With the proper experience and skills, the salary of an email marketer starts from 20000 per month and it is going to reach 35000/month with the experience. You need to Learn email marketing from reputed organizations.

6. Mobile Marketing

You can never overlook mobile marketing and the numerous benefits that it has.

It is true that you will be able to spot numerous similarities between mobile marketing and desktop marketing, but the number of differences is also going to amaze you.

If you are interested in becoming a mobile market or after you have completed your studies, you cannot ignore the different Benefits of mobile marketing.

  • Mobile marketing is capable of reaching a broader market as there is no geographical restriction anymore.
  • Instantaneous results can be achieved easily as the marketing message can be sent out instantly.
  • Mobile marketing provides convenience as it is simple and basic.
  • The response of the users can be tracked instantaneously.

Mobile Research Stats

An ideal Mobile marketing strategy is going to be extremely beneficial for organizations.

Mobile marketing in India is currently one of the most lucrative career options and you have to know about the responsibilities that you will have to handle as a mobile marketing manager.

They have to conduct market analysis, target prospective customers, as well as develop strategic plans for the entire company.

Students who are interested in this field often wonder How to do mobile marketing success.

In order to make their presence in this industry, they have to enroll themselves in the recognized digital learning institutes.

Mobile marketers also a high paying job position with the annual salary of is 3.5 lacs and with experience, the pay scale can rise to 7 lacs annually.

7. Content Marketing Manager/Content Marketing Specialist

We have all heard that content is the ruler of each and every marketing aspect. We are living in an era where information is an extremely important part of the business strategies.

If you do not have proper content, it is going to be impossible to gain customers. An ideal content marketing strategy is responsible for attracting more people towards a brand.

A content manager is responsible for the content management for the businesses.

If you want to become a content marketing manager after you have completed your studies, you first need to know what are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing has numerous benefits that you should know about.

  • It helps in driving conversions.
  • It helps in bringing more traffic to the site.
  • You can build awareness with useful content, which can engage the target buyers.
  • The company can make use of quality content for educating its customers.

A Content marketing plan needs to be devised in an extremely careful manner.

The roles and responsibilities of the content managers include creating content that people require, sharing content on the various social media channels, and measuring the response of the content marketing activities.

Content managers are also responsible for hiring Professional content writers.

Average Content Marketing Manager Salary

The salary of content marketing managers is 25K every month.

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8. Online Reputation Manager

Another lucrative career option is definitely an online reputation manager. An online reputation manager is responsible for handling the reputation of the business online.

During any crisis in an emergency situation, the online reputation manager is responsible for ensuring that the reputation of the company remains intact.

It is crucial that you have knowledge about Online reputation management tools for effective reputation management.

You need to know about the Importance of online reputation management skills before you are delving deeper into the roles and responsibilities of the reputation manager.

The roles and responsibilities of the online manager include:

  • Creating online press rooms.
  • Effective blogger outreach.
  • Leveraging the multimedia content.
  • Measuring the success of the business blog.
  • Repairing the reputation of the business.

Proper online reputation management strategy is required in order to excel in the field of online reputation management. The salary of an online reputation manager is almost 20,000k per month.

9. Google Analytics

Numerous businesses are using Google analytics for analyzing the manner in which they can make use of the relevant data. Google analytics helps in measuring the entire business process.

The business will get the opportunity of joining various online as well as offline experiences. Google analytics further helps in automating the reports of the customers.

It can easily measure the reasons for each and every business and provides an opportunity for data visualization. The salary package varies greatly on the basis of the skills of the individuals.

Final verdict

It is crucial that the students who are interested in digital marketing gain knowledge about the various benefits that it has on the businesses and Learn digital marketing skills accordingly.

Digital marketing career growth is going to be immense because it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

Join a reputed institute and sharpen your digital marketing skills now!

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Mar 19, 2022
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