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Emergence of content marketing as an important aspect of internet marketing

Emergence of content marketing as an important aspect of internet marketing
Mar 17, 2022

Customers today have the freedom of choice in terms of ignoring any marketing effort, such as skipping TV advertisements, ads in print as well as have proceeded to ignore online banners and buttons displayed. The biggest drawback in the conventional form of marketing is information is not given at the whim and fancy of the customer instead displayed at the convenience of the marketer; this form of marketing also tends to hold the attention of the customer for a shorter duration. With changing trends in technology and the dynamic nature of businesses today, Internet marketing offers a refreshing new approach over traditional marketing. It simply embraces all that needs to be carried for marketing your website on the internet thus making it visible to your target audience.


Enter content marketing- Why is touted to be most effective?

While website design plays on the overall appearance of the website, content is that wealth of information that talks about all aspects of your business and are essentially a powerhouse of information for your customers.  Now content that is being made available on your website actually will need to be published or marketed appropriately making itself tangible for your target audience. This is in a broader perspective is called content marketing. Marketers today are turning to this form of marketing so infuse valuable and effective content into their digital marketing strategy. Content marketing can bring about brand awareness; engage a visitor for a longer duration thus influencing site traffic positively.  Read along on the following lines-

• Information promoted via Content marketing is actually those which genuine look to help and is informative – there is no real threat of any misunderstanding or use of jargon.

• Unique purposeful content brings about shares via social networks spontaneously; information shared via known sources is certainly a lot more trustworthy than random marketing efforts. Now, this is like a cycle, people keep coming back to you for more shareable content. This in turn positively influences search engines on ranking your website.

• With frequent updates of relevant content the right driving forces and calls to action, the traffic you thus generate can effortlessly be converted to actual sales.

• Effective content marketing markets your brand and directly impacts the visibility of your website.

 Role of content marketing in various components of Internet marketing-

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Google and other search engines have taken to notice websites that publish unique content; target keywords can be subtly woven into websites that can help websites rank higher in ratings. Generation of content which is generally sought after helps enhance visibility on Google and other major search engines and helps in increasing site traffic.

• Pay per Click (PPC) is that form of direct marketing on the internet where there is a payment made per click by internet users on your link, this leading them into irrelevant content will dissolve the purpose of the very effort is it not? Content marketing is integral to PPC so as to engage the customer post a click and hopefully convert him into a sale. Post data analysis obtained from PPC, the appropriate popular keywords and phrases to the location that prefers the product, etc can be obtained. This, in turn, helps you generate content that is all the more relevant and applicable for customers.

• Landing page- The landing page is the very first page that the customer views; the kind of content marketing carried out on the page will indirectly determine the fate of your business in terms of whether or not the customer is willing to continue with your website. An average user spends between 3 -5 seconds on a webpage before their decision is made. So as to attract and retain potential customers, it is extremely important to provide the right kind of content on the landing page.

• Blogs – Blogs is the face of your website that directly interacts with the visitor to your website; it is an asset that helps in the creation of valuable content that turns visitors into conversions. Regular blog posts on useful content related to the website and the business brings in a sense of loyalty helps build customer confidence, and helps in generating repeated visits as well. This, in turn, catches the attention of search engines.

Content marketing is here to stay – it has evolved to more than just text.

These days’ videos, infographics, and even podcasts are being incorporated into websites as relevant content to the business.  Inclusion of ‘Call to Action’ provides the option to the customer to actually carry out a purchase or possibly not after post the “heat” of the effort in content marketing. The point here is that your marketing efforts become tangible as well as measurable. Focus on marketing your content has already taken precedence in the world of digital marketing; if you have not paid attention already it is about time you did it!

Mar 17, 2022
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