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Highest Paying Job Roles in India

Highest Paying Job Roles in India
Mar 19, 2022

Speaking about India, the companies here do not pay much! But, you will be surprised to find out that there are people around you who are being delivered fat paycheck monthly for their job designation. Greater than what you can even think! And, breaking the stereotype, not all are from IIM or IIT. Rather they are just the common people with casual degrees! So, what is it that actually makes them earn so much money while the others struggle hard even for their basic necessities. Well, according to experts, it is the choice of their career! Switching companies may provide you hike but it wouldn’t bring satisfaction. You have to be cautious about selecting job roles especially when you’re thinking of a career in India!

Here are some of the highest paying job roles in India. Take a look at them:

UX Designers in Technology-

UI/UX Development Jobs

In the present scenario, user experience designers stand intermingled. They have grown in the field of getting the right design or to make the design right for making the User Experience better, by applying various techniques. The field has explored and employees of this field need to enhance their abilities and correlate with sectors like machine learning, material designing, contextual intelligence, affective science and more. Technological companies recruit UX designers with good skills and apt practical abilities.

Required skillset- HTML5, Illustrator, JavaScript, PhotoShop, CSS3 and Sketch

Where can you learn- There are several institutes offering UX designer courses. You can also acquire knowledge from online tutorials.

How you can place- With the certification of UX designer in technology, companies will take you up readily. Often the web designing training institutes help in your placement or you can get a job on your own with a strong profile.

Quality testing in Technology-

Quality Testing Jobs

A quality tester renders inputs to product development members on susceptibilities and also communicates with the development, architect, integration and the execution team. A well-sighted job as companies recruits quality tester in technology for better execution of the software products. IT companies recruit people with accreditation and skills.

Required skillset- Database/ SQL, Linux Commands, Automation Tool knowledge and experience

Big Data, AWS, PMP, Python Online Training

Where you can learn- You have a number of top institutes imparting education for this job role. Being a complicated job position, you certainly need mastery.

How you can place- with accreditation in quality testing in technology, you’re bound to get placement in the top IT and software companies. With a good resume and latest portfolio, companies will appoint you instantly.

Digital marketing executive-


Specializing and play a key role in the Digital Marketing and Analytics Team, a Digital Marketing Executive through his online techniques and analysis pursues objectives in lead qualification, brand creation, lead generation, interaction, and conversion. Companies have a big need for digital marketing executives in today’s time to give their brand a global appearance.

Required skill set- All sales and marketing professionals, IT students, and digital marketers can go for this job designation.

Where can you learn- You can either go for classroom training or online training. Usually, the digital marketing executive courses are conducted in the online training mode rather lots of offline training institutes of this digital marketing course program. The candidates are provided with required case studies, books, study material, tutorials, and presentations.

How you can place- Sometimes the institute from where you have done the course provide you with placement opportunities. However, the candidate should send their resume to a number of marketing companies for quick results.

How does Google Certified Digital Marketing Course help?

Project Manager-

Project Manager Course

With project cycles getting tighter and more complicated, there is a lot of pressure on the business manager. This enhances the importance of project manager who stands updated with the project processes and follows the project guideline. A lot of Indian companies are hiring project managers for efficient project management.

Required skill set- Graduate Degree in Management, PMP and CAMP certifications

Where you can learn- once you have done your graduation from a reputed college or institute, you can get certification for the job profile of project manager. Several institutes offer Project Manager Courses or you can also seek help from online tutorials.

Become Certified PMP professional with PMP Certification Training Online

How you can place- Institutes endeavor their best to get you placed in the top notch companies. They get the best possible salary package for their candidates. With good experience and portfolio, you can easily get a job for this most wanted job designation.

Chief digital officer in BFSI sector-

BFSI Officer Jobs

With a rise in online connectivity from banks and fiscal institutes, the importance of Chief Digital Officer came into existence. With high efficacy and quick development, his job is to look after the transactions, payouts, acquisitions, customer services and engagement via the digital medium. There is a huge demand of Chief Digital Officer in BFSI segment.

Skill set required- Apart from degree in ME, MCA or MBA, the candidate should also have done digital banking courses.

Where you can learn- You can acquire the skills of chief digital office via the online tutorials or from online institutes. There are several institutes providing you courses for this job role.

How you can place- With a well-built strong profile and updated portfolio, you can easily gain a good job placement in one of the best banking or financial institutes.

Data Analyst-

Data Analyst Jobs

The job role of data analyst has multiplied manifold with better technological advancement. Data analysts of today acknowledge trends and ensure that their company leverage to those benefits quickly. You have a huge demand-supply gap for this job position.

Skill set required- PG Diploma in Data Analytics, R Programming, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, and Data Management Programs.

Where you can learn- You can easily get a certification for the course from an online institute or from an offline academy. Both the degrees hold equal importance. You are guided with online tutorials, webinars, practical sessions and more.

How you can place- You can easily get a placement in renowned FMCG sector companies. With a good resume and excellent experience record, you are bound to get high placement.

Social Media Manager- 

Social Media Manager Jobs

Social media managers play an important role in today’s business world. They are the key to maintain the social media reputation of the brand. The role is to establish an engaged number of followers for the company.

Skill set required- graduate with good experience, strategy planning and content and technology optimization.

Where you can learn- you can get to learn the course and practical experience from any institute or distance learning academy.

How you can place- Institutes offer direct job placement for experience, once you’re done with the course. You can even approach companies directly with a well-drafted resume.

SEO Analyst

SEO Analyst Jobs

SEO analysts are an expansion of growth hacker and social media profiles. Companies and startups appoint SEO analyst on big numbers. The job is to stand between the lines of Google.

Skill set required- You need to be internet savvy, along with a knowledge of websites and its creation and a good command over languages. Those who knows more about HTML Coding, Web hosting etc. can really excel in this field.

Where you can learn- You can acquire these skills from online institutes or tutorials. The practical sessions, tests, practical helps a lot in gaining experience.

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How you can place- With so much of demand of SEO analyst in startups and web designing companies, companies will appoint you with open arms. Even the institutes provide you with internship and direct placement.


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Well, Indian professionals are under the impression that they do not get paid as their foreign counterparts. But with these job roles, you need to re-think. The compensation for these job positions are high and will continue to grow in the coming time.

Mar 19, 2022
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