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Top Features Of ADOBE Photoshop CS6

Top Features Of ADOBE Photoshop CS6
Mar 19, 2022


Adobe Photoshop, which is a raster graphics editor developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X is one of the most popular, appreciated and widely used editor amongst all. It is used for various different purposes and is critically acclaimed all over the world. It has seen many updates over the years and the latest update which has come in is the CS6. The CS6 is available for download on Adobe’s official site as a free BETA test and it consists of some really cool features which every designer would love to lay his hands on. Adobe has spent a lot of time and effort on this new update to their product and as a result, has given the users hundreds of cool and exciting features to work with. And a few of these special features are explained as follows: –

•    Content Aware Move – The Content Aware Move is an exciting feature through which you can move any content or object in an image to some other point in the same image. All you need to do is select some content through the quick selection tool or through the content aware move tool which is found under the healing brush. After making the selection, move the content anywhere you want and Photoshop will automatically fill up the void which gets created.

•    Selective Blurring – The blurring function in the previous versions of Photoshop was not up to the mark as it could not produce desired results. But the new Field Blur function allows the user to select some points in an image and then decide for him the quantity which he wants to blur.

•    New User Interface – The new user interface has a dark shade and it complements the image by making it more focused. It is completely better than the previous user interface and just gives a completely new feel to the Photoshop.

•    Auto Save – It has happened to so many people a number of times that they spend hours on making and designing some complex images for their projects, but loses their work if the system fails due to any reason. The work never got saved it until one manually saved it and as a result, many users suffered a waste of time and effort. But the new Photoshop comes with the Auto Save feature and ensures that the work stays saved, always and thus there is no fear or risk of losing any important work.

•   Adaptive Wide Angle – This new feature in the CS6 ensures that the distortions which are very common with the wide angle lenses are easily corrected. Besides this, it also helps in reducing the curvature of horizontal as well as vertical lenses.

•   Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 – Raw image files are those which consist of unaltered data which is captured by digital cameras, before they get processed and turn into viewable images. But the Camera Raw 7.0 feature allows the users to edit the raw image itself and hence they can easily control settings such as highlights and shadows.

There are many other great features also in Adobe CS6, and this makes it the best version of Photoshop ever.

Mar 19, 2022
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