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Web Developer Vs Web Designer: The Ultimate Comparative Guide for Students

Web Developer Vs Web Designer: The Ultimate Comparative Guide for Students
Mar 19, 2022

What Do Web Designers & Web Developers Do?

In this digitally super- revolutionized era, it is very important for every student to know about the latest and thriving careers in the market. Speaking of this, undoubtedly Web Designers and Web Developers come as two most trending career options right now. Before going further it is vital to know the difference between a web developer and a web designer. Web developers are responsible for the entire coding of the website including front-end development technology to encode these pages. While, web designers execute for the design of the visual layout of websites including user experience, color collocation, typesetting and more.

Web Designers + Web Developers = Full Stack Web Developers

Web Designers + Web Developers Full Stack Web Developers

In the age of rising digital jobs, there are plenty of options for all aspiring students. However, at the same time, it is also essential to know which career options are trending and what are the important things to know about them are. Speaking on this, full-stack web development is a splendid career option for all students who want to make it big in their careers. Full-stack web developers are responsible for the over whole development of websites including both front-end and back-end. Under this course, a student learns about popular and important coding languages like angular, node js, and etc, Choosing a good institution to learn about full-stack web development is a very vital decision.

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What Is Web Design?

The current digitally-dominated market is thriving with jobs related to the online universe. Each student must and should know the concepts of these career options quite precisely. Standing out as a prospective career choice, web designing can be considered by each aspiring students who wish to get established with a secure and creative job.

It refers to the complete designing of a website and makes it visually artistic and functional at the same time. It functions in accordance with the aspects of user experience and should not be confused with Backend web development. With the online audiences turning their preferences more towards mobile and tablet browsers, the demand for web designers has increased tremendously and are the most well-salaried jobs in India currently.

Executing actions based on the requirements of on the appearance, layout, and, sometimes, the content of a website, web designers are responsible for the complete structuring of a responsive website. One of the most important things for a web designer to have is a keen sense of aesthetic knowledge and a creative outlook to understand how exactly a website can stand out brilliantly in the competitive market.

It is a web designer’s primary objective to foster the trust of the target audiences and work on responsive and adaptive designs. For all aspiring students who wish to be web designers, it is a must to choose the right institution that would give them the right platform to learn and also acquire good placement opportunities.  Make sure to make a wise decision that will count in the long run.

What Is Web Development?

The 21st century is a global awakening of digital wonders happening each and every day. Especially in the business space, every owner is moving on to the online platform from traditional marketing strategies. For this, the most primary thing required is a formal identity of the business brand on the web which is a website.  And, who is responsible for the creation of these websites? Full-stack web developer is the name behind every working website you would find online.

Students who have just graduated or wish to take a leap in their career graphs have a splendid opportunity in this digitally dominated market to establish themselves as Front-end web developer and Back-end web developer. Breaking down the definition of web development, it refers to the actions executed for developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. A web developer looks after the entire Backend web development which includes coding or programming that enables website functionality, in accordance with the owner’s requirements.

Client-side/server-side scripting, network security configuration coding and writing markups are all specific operational terms related to website development. Irrespective of creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications or formulating electronic business applications, it all comes under one designation. The best and most ideal part of website development as a career option is because of its consistent demand and no dearth of valuable job opportunities. But at the same time, it is also essential for each student to choose the right institution for a sounded and good website for developing training.

Web Designer vs Web Developer: Salaries and Career Opportunities

Salaries and Career Opportunities

The trend of digital jobs has increased massively over the past few years. Students have shown a keen interest in digital jobs along with deserving candidates getting placed with well-salaried jobs in various industries. Speaking of this, two of the most popular and currently trending career options ideal for every aspiring student is web designing and web development. In comparative terms, the annual salaries of a web designer and web developer are Rs 120,890 (freshers) – Rs 694,254 (experienced) and Rs 150,990 (freshers) – Rs 799,214 (experienced) respectively according to Payscale India. In terms of career opportunities, both roles have immense potential.

Is Web designing and Web Development a good career?

Web designing and web development is the latest trend that is making its presence obvious in the job perspective. Students who are good at computer coding and are keen to make their careers accordingly have a number of possible opportunities in web development and web designing. Students having proper web development and web designing skills can be rest assured that they will have a very bright future ahead. The career prospects of a web developer and a web designer are huge in this urgent technological era.

Web designing and development is a vast aspect that is leading the technological evolution of the country. It is coming up with numerous job opportunities for the students. There are two parts to this course one is the front end designing and development and another is the back end development and designing. Students having a passion for coding can build their careers in web developing and designing. To learn this course more effectively students should have a brief knowledge of certain basic coding languages CSS, HTML, JAVA, etc.

All in one it is one of the versatile courses for the students that provides a number of career opportunities. If students are thinking of opting for this as a career, they could be assured of a bright future.

How much money can you make as a Web designer and Web Developer?

Web developing and designing is one of the versatile job opportunities that is becoming popular with each passing day. In this technical era, these job opportunities are versatile and have a lot of scope for the future, especially for the student. The salary count for these jobs is huge. In terms of career opportunity and estimated salary web developing and designing have always remained off the charts.

To be more precise the web designer salary in India is 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs on an average for a qualified web designer. And if we consider fresher men, they get on average of 10,000 to 15,000 each month.

Avg Web Designer Salary

Source: Payscale

The salary count for a web developer is 2.75 to 3.5 lakhs per annum. For fresher men, it is more or less 15, 000 to 20,000 each month depending upon the company’s credentials. The same salary count if we see in the US, it is much more than in India. The web developer and web designer salary in the US are $ 67.990 and $ 65,467 to $ 87,532, respectively.

Avg Web Developer SalarySource: Payscale

Altogether web developing and web designing is a great career option with a good salary count.

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What Should I Learn To Become A Web Developer Or A Web Designer?

The world of technology has set a storm in the global businesses happening across all geographical barriers. In such a demand market of digital interventions, this is obvious that the equal hype and demand will be the same for digital jobs as well. Under this context, the foremost two rising and highly popular career options are web designing and web development. Each student who wishes to establish a firm place in the digital place with a handsome salaried job must consider web designers and web developers to be prospective career choices. For this, every student must learn web designing and web development courses from reputed digital marketing institutions that also offer placement opportunities.

Skills to Learn To Become A Web Developer Or A Web Designer

What do I need to learn to become a web designer?

Web designing has a real ring to it. Learning Web design can prove to be a versatile and fascinating career option if an individual knows the exact trick to it. Web designing is a really fascinating job if you are a creative coder. It is a wonderful job option for a student opting for a career in such a technical area. There are several aspects that an individual should learn before getting started with web designing. Web designer skills are hard to master but not an impossible thing to do. The skills that you need to learn to become a web designer. The things to learn to become a professional web designer:

  • Visual design: It focuses on visual effects and products. It depends upon the designing principles that determine the physical appearance of the site and the feel of the site.
  • UX: It is an abbreviation that stands for a user experience that determines the feeling that users have while they use your websites.
  • Design Software: For doing any sort of work you need the right tools that are suited. The website can be easily designed using the right web browser using the right tool like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and illustrator. This is the preliminary stage that you should learn properly before getting started.
  • HTML: It stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language which is a coding language that is an essential language you should know before getting started with web designing.
  • CSS: It stands for Cascading Style sheets which are considered to be a partner of HTML. If you need to start with web designing, you have to get started with this.
  • JavaScript: This is the basic coding language you need to learn for doing any kind of web designing and development.

Other skills that a web designer should learn which are apart from technical kinds of stuff. That is:

  • Time Management.
  • Communication.
  • SEO/ Digital Marketing/ Social Media.
  • Business / Client Management.

What do I need to learn to become a web developer?

In this mad technological era, everything is becoming digitalized. Every business, career options are all a big part of this digital world. In these times, development is a very major aspect of everything that’s online. For instance, while creating certain websites or creating new apps etc. you need good web developer skills to pull through these tasks.

The skills required to become a web developer is quite vast and hard to master. There are two major skills that sum up the whole skill concept. They are Front end developer skills and back end developer skills and full-stack development.

  • Front end development: These are the stuff that we see on the website and interact according. For example menus, dropdowns, etc.
  • Back end development: It is like the backbone of the website. It is the actual surface below the iceberg. The website can’t function without it. It deals with the following servers, applications, etc.
  • Full stack web development: It is a developing front end design and development of a website along with back end coding languages using various programming languages. It’s also about managing and maintaining a Linux server.

To become an effective web developer students need to have specialized skills that will impact potential earnings. To become a professional web developer you need to follow the steps below:

  • You need to choose development specialization.
  • Get adequate education according to your requirements.
  • Start developing technical skills.
  • Have a regular practice and brush on your coding skills.
  • And lastly, try launching an online portfolio.

By now, the need and emergence to learn about web development and what are the pre-requisites to do that have been made quite clear and precise for each student. Nevertheless, choosing a sounded and good institute should also be considered critically.


Truly speaking, digital excellence happening in this millennia have created a massive boom in the world of jobs and career opportunities. Each aspiring student should have a keen knowledge about such prospective career opportunities must be clear on understanding which one is most ideal for them. Speaking without a doubt, two of the most thriving and high-salaried career choices are web designing and web development.

The consistent demand in the digital arena continues to make these two career options popular and in demand. However, making a decision in respect of careers, each student must know about the best institute where they can learn web development courses and learn web design course. Standing out eminently and highly-accredited, Ace Web Academy is the finest web design training institute in Hyderabad and a web development training institute in Hyderabad as well. Not only it grooms each student professionally but it also offers them 100% placement assistance guarantee!

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Mar 19, 2022
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