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Win Job Before You Complete Engineering Check How? A Pocket Guide

Win Job Before You Complete Engineering Check How? A Pocket Guide
Mar 19, 2022

How To Get Jobs As Graduate – Jobs For Engineering Students:

In this competitive era, everyone is trying to surpass others so that he can become the monarch of this era. If you are at the very beginning of your career, then you need to make a strong and robust career plan which will help you to establish your presence in the market. Nowadays, aspirants and students want to pursue a career in the field of engineering because, over the past few years, the growth of technology is simply astounding. If you want a scintillating career in software and computer technology, then you must follow certain tips and advice which will definitely boost your career and will help you to achieve your career goal.

Don’t depend on your College curriculum Only:

If you want to see yourself as an established software engineer, then at first, you need to invest your time wisely. Though you can learn a lot from your college curricular activities, still you need to enhance your technical skills if you want to add a sheen to your career. Try to spend more time in developing your technical skills and keep practicing the same. As early as you can start in polishing your technical skills, you will get more time to establish yourself as a professional engineer who has not only an in-depth knowledge in academics but also has a sound knowledge in technical skills. Your academic excellence will help you to score good marks in the exam, but your technical training skills will boost your career. So, this is the time that you should take technical training from a professional institute along with your college curriculum.

Join Job Oriented Courses In Computer Science:

Once you have decided that you want to be a part of the bandwagon of IT and computer science, then you need to carefully select your course in which you want to be an adept person. Here, we are mentioning some of the trending and demanding courses in the field of IT and software. These courses will certainly uplift your career growth and prospects.

1. Mobile app development Course: As the smartphones and the internet have penetrated in every sphere of life, businesses are showing their interest in mobile phone applications instead of websites. These days customers are very much dependent on these applications to accomplish their daily activities. Thus, software and IT companies are also inventing various applications every day and are contending with each other. If you want to have a career in mobile application development, then you need a strong and robust knowledge of Java, C, C++, etc. After finishing the course, you can start your career as an app developer. After gaining some experiences in the field, you can work as a project manager who can successfully manage multiple app development projects.

2. Web programming or application development course (PHP, Ruby, and Python): this course will give you a detailed idea about designing, development, production, assessment of web applications and strategies. With this course, you can get to know about web application procedure and many more things. These days, many reputed companies are hiring web developers who can execute their web development work. So, you can join any of such company and can start your career as a professional web developer. You can also work as a freelancer and can make your own web designing company.

3. UI or UX development framework course: This course will help you to learn how to design cross-browser and better-looking interface and how you can entice your customers with your designs. If you want to make a career in the field of website building, mobile, and web application, then this course would be the best one for you. You need a strong knowledge of JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Photoshop, etc. if you want to pursue this course. Nowadays, companies are giving warm welcome to the UI or UX developers, so you can start your career as a programmer and can become an assistant or senior programmer in futureBest web designing courses

4. Project Management Course: This course is very imperative in every sector because project managers are highly demanding these days. This course will help you to learn how to lead a project by using your education, skills, and experience. Being an industry certified course, it helps you to know what are the functions and responsibilities of a project manager and what strategies and tactics he needs to apply to successfully complete a project. This kind of course will definitely enhance the value and weight of your resume and companies are preferred to hire certified professionals rather than an uncertified or naïve person.

5. Java and advanced Java framework: Java or J2EE is the most powerful and trusted technology by most of the companies. This course will help you to learn the basics of Java which you need to develop a full-fledged Java EE app. The course gives you an idea about Struts Framework, XML, Web App Component Development, Servlets and many more things. The basic knowledge Java is important to pursue this course. Apart from this, you also need a good knowledge of C and C ++. You can start your career as a Java developer, Java webmaster, Java web developer, and Web software engineer.

6. Digital marketing course: Digital marketing is a booming career in this 21st This course will help you to learn about every facet of digital marketing like SEO, SEM, PPC, Social media marketing, Web analytics, Content marketing, e-mail marketing, and mobile marketing. The course will help you to become a master of various platforms like YouTube, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter. After completion of the course, you can work as digital marketing manager for a company or you can start your own digital marketing business.

7. DBA-MySQL: This is a very popular course in the field of IT and Software. This course is specially made for the students who want to learn MySQL and SQL server and like to create, manage and maintain huge and intricate data files and other databases. Once you will finish your course, you can get hired as a database administrator for an IT or management company.

Find a right Software Training Institute which can offer practical knowledge:

This is an imperative thing that you need to pay attention. You need to prudently select your institute which will polish your knowledge and skills. A right training institute will not only uplift your technical skills but also help you to reach your career goal without wasting time and effort. Here, we are mentioning some tips that you should follow while choosing the right institute for you.

  • Experience: Experience of the institute is a game changer thing while you are planning your software career. Try to enroll yourself in an institute which has more than 7 years of experience in this field. If you enroll in a novice institute, then they will not able to guide you properly because of the lack of experiences.
  • Market reputation: Reputation of the institute always plays a pivotal role in your success. If an institute is serving for more than 7 years without any negative remark, then that institute is ideal for you. Ace Web Academy is an eminent professional training institute in Hyderabad which has an unparalleled market reputation when it comes to giving training to the aspirants.
  • Development center: always go for that institute which has a separate development center. This will help you to boost your practical knowledge because you can get a chance to work as interns or trainees in several live projects. Apart from theoretical knowledge, you also need a sound practical knowledge. Ace Web academy gives various live projects to the students so that they can get equipped with the practical experiences too.
  • Proper infrastructure: The proper infrastructure of the institute will help you to get 100 % benefit from your training. Choose an institute which is equipped with good performance computers, power backup, quick hardware assistance, excellent lab, and hygienic environment. Ace Web Academy is an institute which possesses all these attributes.
  • Study material: The institute should provide proper and concrete study material to students which will help the students to get an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Ace Web Academy provides some well-drafted and well-researched study materials with a lot of examples to the students. All these notes will help them to get a detailed knowledge of the topic.
  • Experienced faculty: The trainer or faculty should give more focus on practical experiences which will help you in developing your skills and learning abilities. The faculties of Ace Web academy are sagacious and they have vast of experiences in their respective fields. They will give you some real-time experiences and encourage you to learn above your entry level.
  • Placements: Check whether the institute has a good track record in placing their students or not. If required, you should talk to the faculty and management staff to understand their training process elaborately. Ace Web academy provides 100 % placement assurance to the students. The institute is tied up with many established and reputed companies. Their students are successfully placed in companies like Tech Mahindra, T-HUB, Trident technology, Horrizon Infotech, etc. The institute has placed more than 5000 + students from 2007-2017.
  • Fee structure: Don’t forget to check the fee structure of the Institute for the courses and also check the payment methods. Many institutes take a chunk of money from the students and their payment method is also not flexible. It won’t be a prudent decision for you if you choose that type of institute for your career goal. The course fee is minimum with Ace web academy and their fee structure will never burn your pocket. Moreover, they offer flexible payment methods to the students. You can even pay your course fee in installments.
  • 24X 7 Support: You should go for that institute which provides you round the clock support. All the staff and faculty members of Ace Web academy are very active and they will give 24 X 7 support. They will provide a quick solution to your problems so that you can stay focused and determined.
  • Soft skills: There are many institutes which provide soft skills to the students as they believe technical skills and academic knowledge are not enough to crack a job interview. A student should possess good soft skills along with academic and technical knowledge to grab a job. So, you should check whether your institute provides any kind of soft skill training or not. Ace Web academy provides soft skill sessions along with the technical training so that the students can crack the interview with full confidence.

Master in latest technology which is in high demand:

Technology is thriving every day, so you need to choose the right technology which is quite demanding at the beginning of your training. Though you need to keep updated yourself with the latest technologies so that you can survive in the realm of IT industry. If you have an unprecedented knowledge in one technology, then you can easily learn the rest by spending some extra efforts. Here are some of the latest and new-fangled technologies which are demanding in 2017.

Trending Online Training Courses in 2017

  • Internet of Things: Internet of Things (IoT) will definitely rule in future. IoT will connect all your devices together and will make a technological harmony for you.
  • AI and automation: Everything will be automated in the coming few years. More devices will be invented which will understand your pattern and preference in a better way without you needing to tell them anything. These devices will provide you with better solutions and recommendations.
  • Digital media: Digital media is already very demanding and in the upcoming years, it will completely surpass all other media. The mileage of digital media is unfathomable and thus, companies are investing a hefty amount in this media. Moreover, the cost is also affordable. There are so many things in digital media like Social media sites, SEO, website, E-mail marketing, Blog marketing, etc. in which a company can promote its services and products.

Be ahead….beat the competition

If you want an unprecedented career, then you need to make an advance plan from rest of crowd. Before starting your college curricular activities if you can start taking your technical training from an institute, then this will definitely make you an industry-ready person. It would be good for you if you can polish your technical skills from 2 years before your academic enrolment. This will not only boost up your technical skills but also help you to stay far away from your contenders. There are many institutes like Ace Web academy which gives the training to the aspirants before their admission to a college. You can add those experiences and certificates in your CV and can make a strong position in the market.

What companies expect from freshers?

These days, all the prodigious companies are preferring to hire those persons who are the problem solvers and can independently execute their project. If you have strong technical skills and practical knowledge, then you will get preferred by the companies as compared to the others who have an inadequate technical skill and experience. A person who has a good educational knowledge but inadequate technical and practical knowledge, then he may not get hired by the companies because companies prefer those persons who have a strong execution knowledge and practical experiences.

Theoretical vs Practical:

Your college curriculum and books play an important role in your career. They will alleviate your knowledge and help you to score good marks in your exam. But if you want to pass in your life and want to become a glorious person then your college curriculum is not sufficient. You certainly need some extra skills which will make you an outstanding person. Thus, you need to take help from any professional institute like Ace Web academy where you can get practical exposure along with your bookish knowledge. These experiences will learn you how to handle an unfavorable circumstance and how to solve your own problem without taking help from others. Moreover, by providing some live projects and lab experiences, this institute will help you to learn some real-time experiences. If you want a wholesome career for you in the field of IT and Computer Science, then your practical experiences have equal importance like your theoretical knowledge.

How to market yourself:

In spite of having a sound academic knowledge and technical experiences, some people may not crack the interviews. And the prime reason is that they don’t know how to market themselves. They can’t exhibit themselves properly in front of the interviewer. So, if you want to grab your dream job, then you need to market yourself properly.

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  • Create account on all Job Portals & set Up Profile
  • Maintain good profile on LinkedIn & keep updating regularly
  • Speak confidently
  • Show them that you are a problem solver
  • Speak about your degree and academic knowledge
  • Highlight your technical skills
  • Give some examples to prove that you have a strong execution power

How to Get Jobs in Top MNCs

So what are you waiting for now? If you want a striking career, then you have to be very productive at the beginning of your life. Cut all your entertainment and other unproductive works, stay focus on your goal and career. Apart from your college curriculum, take help from the professional institute like Ace Web Academy who will add a sheen to your career.

Mar 19, 2022
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