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Top 10 Toughest Digital Marketing Interview Question and best Answers Guide 2022

Top 10 Toughest Digital Marketing Interview Question and best Answers Guide  2022
Mar 19, 2022

The Digital marketing landscape has opened numerous opportunities for job seekers. But the job market is very competitive and one needs to stand out from the crowd in order to get one’s dream job.

If you have got a call for an interview from your dream company you need to seriously brush up your knowledge of the digital marketing tools and strategies to crack the interview.

Only people who have the real passion to excel in this field will find their way in this industry. Preparation is the ultimate key to bag that job that you have been looking for.

Remember, the interview is the best time to showcase your knowledge and experience in the digital marketing arena. Provide examples of your work to convince them that you are an ideal candidate for the role.

Here is the ultimate guide to the Digital marketing interview questions and answers that are usually asked in a digital marketing interview. Keep all your fears at bay, prepare these questions thoroughly and go for the interview with confidence.

1.Why do you think online marketing has taken over the traditional marketing strategies?

Online marketing is a targeted and interactive way of reaching out to customers. Through various digital marketing platforms like Social media, LinkedIn, Blogs, PPC one can promote and advertise the brand in a cost-effective manner.

Tools like Google Analytics help in keeping track of the efforts and calculate the return on investment and measure the results of digital marketing efforts.

Real-time information regarding a number of visitors, conversion rates enables the marketer to tweak the campaign so as to achieve the desired result effectively. Most of this is not possible with traditional marketing techniques

2. Which are the most useful online marketing tools?

Some of the most common tools that help in the digital marketing effort include

  • MailChimp–A powerful tool for email marketing campaigns.
  • Buzzsumo- An effective tool used in Content Marketing that assists in finding the most shared content on certain topics.
  • Canva- A simple to use graphic design software.
  • Ahrefs- An all in 1 SEO tool used to track keyword performance, measure social metrics, perform backlink analysis, analyze content, and do keyword research.
  • Buffer and HootSuite -social media automation tools that help in fully automating the postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • GoogleAnalytics and Kissmetrics to track your digital marketing performance

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3. What is the role of SEO in Digital marketing?

Search engine optimization plays a fundamental role in digital marketing strategies. It is a method of increasing the visibility of the website by ensuring a high ranking in the search engine result pages.

A high ranking helps drive more customers to the website and thereby results in increased business profits. It involves working on the structure and organization of the website as well as its content so that the search engine algorithms can easily crawl and categorize the pages and index them correctly.

On-page optimization techniques like working on keyword density and meta tags, off-page optimization techniques like inbound links and developing content strategies help in bolstering the search engine rankings.

4. How important are keywords from the online marketing perspective?

Keywords determine how to drive organic traffic. Keyword research helps in optimizing the structure and content of the website.

By including the right keywords in the website’s URL, Meta descriptions, title tags, and website content one can ensure a higher ranking of the webpage. But it isn’t just about SEO. Keyword research forms the basis of all digital marketing strategies.

5. Do you know about the concept of PPC and the models for designing PPC campaigns?

PPC means Pay per click. It is an advertising system, where the marketer uses the space of an advertising platform to place an ad. The advertiser pays the owner of the platform whenever a visitor clicks on the ad.

One can go in for a flat rate PPC, where a specific amount is paid any time the ad is clicked. The publisher may have different rates for different positions on the website.

In a bid-based model, the advertiser competes with others by placing a bid. He specifies a budget and accordingly his ad is given a rank.

6. To what extent does Google AdWord help in Digital marketing?

Google Adwords is an advertising system that works on the Pay per click model. Here the marketers bid for advert spots that appear on Google search engine.

These ads include a link to the landing page of the website. This platform has enabled even small business owners to advertise their products to a targeted set of audience.

7. What do you understand by robots.txt?

Robot.txt is a standard used by the websites to communicate with the web crawlers. If you do not wish some pages to be indexed when the search engine crawlers visit the site you can do so using robot.txt.  It is a way to tell the spiders which pages they should avoid while indexing.

If you have 2 versions of a page you would not want the crawlers to index one version to prevent a duplicate content penalty. Your website may have some sensitive data that you do not wish the crawlers to index.

You may also wish to exclude images, stylesheets, etc to save on bandwidth. Hence robot.txt helps in keeping search engines away from certain pages which may be essential from the point of view of SEO.

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8. What is the difference between direct marketing and branding?

Direct marketing is a technique where you directly reach out to your potential customers. In traditional marketing, these included emails, flyers, and catalogs.

Online marketing also allows businesses to target their customers directly. Through search engine ads and social media sites, one can reach out to people specifically looking for the kind of service you provide.

Branding is about creating awareness about your company and its products and services. Under online marketing, Youtube ads help in establishing a brand reputation.

Branding has a long-term orientation where the objective is to reinforce a central message relating to your company. It not only helps a business in establishing a unique position in the market but also distinguishes it from its competitors.

9. How can you measure the success of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING?

The three key measures needed to track the success of social media marketing efforts are reaching, engagement and conversion.

The number of likes on the Facebook page, followers on Twitter, connections on LinkedIn and views on your Youtube channel helps to measure the number of people who are attracted to the social media content.

We can use the analytics reports to track the reach. Engagement metrics include clicks on links on social media posts, retweets, shares on Facebook, Comments on posts. These help in analyzing whether people interacted with your message.

Conversion metrics like online lead generation, registration, etc. help in finding out whether people took action because of the message. Integrating Google Analytics helps in analyzing online conversion activities.

10. What has been your most successful campaign in the past?

This Online marketing interview question is an opportunity for you to showcase your past experience in the digital marketing field. Give an example of a campaign that you handled most efficiently.

Describe how you measured the success of the campaign and how you used various metrics to improve the campaign along the way.

The answer to this question will help in creating the impression that you not only possess theoretical knowledge of this field but also have hands-on experience in developing and monitoring digital marketing strategies.




The above Digital marketing questionnaire mainly tests your knowledge of Digital marketing concepts.

Don't Just Land a Job

Here are 5 Bonus Digital Marketing Interview questions and answers that an interviewer may ask you to understand your interest in this field.


1. Why did you choose a career in Digital marketing?

This is one of those Digital marketing interview questions that attempt to understand your passion and commitment to the industry.

Give an honest answer as to why you think your capabilities, interests, and preferences match the requirements in the digital marketing industry.

Tell what attracted you to the particular vacancy and how you think this role will help you achieve your career goals.

Since digital marketing is an ever-changing field don’t forget to mention that you constantly look for expanding your knowledge and learning new skills.

This will help in building trust that you are the right candidate for this field who can easily adapt to changes and new trends.

2. How can your prior experience in Digital marketing help our business grow?

The answer to such Social Media Interview Questions will be based on one’s personal experience. Think about all the campaigns that you have worked on in the past and the specific niche skills that you have picked up, that might help in the company’s business growth.

This is the time you can differentiate yourself from other candidates who apply for the job. Mention the specific knowledge, skill, expertise, and experience that you have in this field that will enable you to perform the role in question in the best possible manner.

3. New trends keep coming up in this ever-changing Digital marketing field. How do you keep yourself updated?

The main objective of this Digital marketing interview question is to find out whether you can adapt yourself to this dynamic industry.

Talk about the blogs that you read and the newsletters that you have subscribed to keep yourself updated with the latest in the field of digital marketing.

You can also mention your networks and the events that you attend to interact with the experts in the field.

4. 5 years down the line, where do you see yourself in this industry?

Here the employer wants to see whether you are serious about continuing your career in this industry.

Your ambition and aspiration of where you want to be after 5 years will show how keen you are to take up new roles and responsibilities a few years down the line.

It is a check on whether your professional goals are in line with the requirements of the company.

5. Do you have any ideas for improving our website ranking?

This Online marketing interview question intends to judge whether you have done some research about the company and put a thought on the role that you are applying for.

It shows your interest in the position of a particular company. If you have some ideas on what can work well for the company go ahead and articulate it in the best possible way.

Give some ideas on how the user experience can be enhanced that will help boost conversion rates. Pick a specific strategy like SEO and brief how that can benefit the business.

This comprehensive list of digital marketing interview questions and answers will help you prepare for the interview well. Remember the interviewer mainly tests whether you have a stronghold on the subject.

A good way to gain adequate knowledge in this field is to enroll to Learn Digital Marketing Course. Ace Web Academy is a premier institute that not only provides you a deep understanding of the various digital marketing tools and techniques but also helps you gain practical hands-on experience in implementing the strategies.

The best digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad helps you build a portfolio of work and provides complete placement support needed to land your dream job.

Apart from what you must say and do in the Digital marketing interview you also need to be careful about what not to do. Here are a few.

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Suggestions on what to avoid during the interview.

  • Even if you have the best skills and experience, an employer will not hire you if you don’t know anything about the company. So don’t forget to research about the company before going in for the interview. If you do not show passion for working for that specific company you may not be considered a good fit.
  • Don’t demonstrate that you are averse to learning new concepts. Digital marketing is about learning about new trends that keep changing frequently. Hence employers will only hire you if you are keen on expanding your knowledge base.
  • Don’t take it for granted that it’s all mentioned in the resume. You will need to talk about your past experiences to create an impression that you are an ideal candidate. Explain how you have helped previous employers attain success in their business

You also need to carry a strong resume to go for the interview with confidence.

Here are a few golden tips on resume building

Here are a few golden tips on resume building.

  • Your resume should mention your unique value proposition. Highlight those skills that differentiate you from other applicants.
  • Use keywords that will raise the interest of the employer
  • Highlight your experiences in the past company, and how you have helped your past employers in the growth of their business.
  • Quantify the results by giving specific numbers like sales generated, leads converted, etc.

Good luck with your Digital Marketing interview!

If you are extremely passionate about working in the Digital marketing industry it will show up in the answers that you give.

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Mar 19, 2022
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